God’s Word Has a Liberal Bias

The Conservative Bible Project is a tragi-comic effort by some politically conservative Christians to produce a translation paraphrase of the Bible that removes/edits anything that can even remotely be considered “liberal.” It’s not worth writing much about this because the problems with this approach should be so LOLobvious that I won’t waste my time. I will say, however, that I continue to wonder if my alma mater is ever going to repudiate this type of stupidity and permanently sever ties with the batshit-crazy wing — ie WorldNetDaily, Worldview Weekend, et al — of conservative Christianity.

I’m also amused because I, too, started a conservative paraphrase of the Bible. A little over 12 months ago I wrote a draft entitled “A Practical Guide to Waging a Just War: by Jesus of Nazareth” but never put it online until now. Inspired by the CBP, here’s my conservative rendering of Matthew 5:1-13:

Now when I saw your military bases, I immediately went to the mess tent and sat down. Many of your troops came to me, and I began to teach, saying:

Blessed are the poor, for they are easily persuaded to join the armed forces.

Blessed are they that mourn when a buddy is killed, for they shall then have the motivation to kick more ass.

Blessed are the badasses, for they shall conquer the earth.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteous wars, for they will certainly invent them.

Blessed are the merciful, for they lull the enemy into complacency while we find more grenades.

Blessed are the pure in eyesight, for they shall see their enemy clearly and snipe him unscoped.

Blessed are the warmakers, for they are peacemakers in disguise.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for freedom, because our enemies hate our freedom.

Blessed are you when pacifists confront you, and march in your streets, and say all manner of untruth about you. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in Washington.

You are the asskickers of the earth. But if the asskickers stop kicking ass, how will the world get democracy? Former asskickers who conscientiously object are no longer good for anything, excepted to be relentlessly hazed and dishonorably discharged.

Worldview Weekend’s Existence is a Sign of God’s Wrath

Worldview Weekend is coming up here at Cedarville. We college kids are so unbelievably stoked for this extravaganza. I took the Worldview Quiz and scored 6% meaning I’m a “Socialist Worldview Thinker.” I actually scored a 50% on the religion portion, but my views on economics, law, history, and politics make me a closet commie (apparently). This is interesting: let’s say you’re like me and need a worldview re-orientation – “Want to improve your biblical worldview? We [at Worldview Weekend] recommend the following things…”
1. Read your Bible
2. Join a church
3. Pray
4. Pay $36 to attend a Worldview Weekend conference
5. Buy a $50 study series
6. Order over $100 in worldview-correcting books
7. Etc ad nauseam

Moving on… three videos via PutFile: Who should we invade next? | morbid VW tv ad | horrific drag racing crash from last Friday

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