I’m Like a Nok

Last weekend my parents, their boss, and I took a whirlwind four-day trip to the southern & northern ends of Thailand to see family friends and colleagues.

Down south we visited the Phang Nga province, an area that was totally devastated by the tsunami of December, 2004. This is a famous patrol boat that was washed up about a mile inland.


Recent Charitable Giving at CU

A comparison of charitable giving at Cedarville:

Asian tsunami Hurricane Katrina Pakistan earthquake
Death toll: 286,000 1,250 79,000
CU giving: $14,000 $115,157 $0.00
Dollars/death: $0.05 $92 $0.00

Here’s my semi-unrelated question: only 37% of Americans now support George W. Bush. What percentage of CU students do you think still support him, and why the discrepancy (assuming one) between the general populace and ours?