Dear mankind

Looong day at work today and extremely discouraging. Only good part is that I’m extremely close to being able to cash in my VIP points for a 30 gig video Ipod. Only stopped multi-tabling for a brief dinner of blueberry waffles, bacon and toast which is probably a meal I’ll be repeating because it was pretty scrumptious. Now I’m just watching a Discovery special on the palm islands of Dubai. I know I’m a nerd but it’s pretty spectacular what they’re doing there. Sometimes I don’t understand how humanity is smart enough to build these islands but yet we still have so many other inconveniences and daily nuisances that forever plague us. Oh, and cancer.

Dear mankind,
Less fake coral reefs, more cancer research.

On commercial break I saw that there’s a new show coming in November called Everest: Beyond the Limit. I’ve had a crush on Everest for a while now so I’m looking forward to this a lot. This blog blows, I’m sorry. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post more of my writings to keep you crazy cats occupied.

Lee Jones & Aristophanes

Hey you spineless archetypes of Aristophanes:
How are you, homies? My morale is plummeting along with the temperature. It’s all downhill from here til, say, April. I’m back from the long weekend in New York, and more recently, back from my post-vacation grocery shopping. Now it’s Studio 60 time.

I may post wedding pics later if mis hombres e-mail me some since I forgot my camera. It’s nice to be back in an area where gas prices hover closer to $2 than $3. But Rochester is nice and it’s got me really tempted to move up there.

This evening I finished 8th out of 961 in a $5 MTT which is good, except that I lost to a 1-outer and would’ve been 3rd in chips otherwise. Lee Jones hates me.

Sorry Students

Eya! Everyone’s coming to town soon, very soon. I’m excited…

I’ve discovered that radio’s Delilah is quite likely the Antichrist.

I found something from an old online journal, back before I officially started blogging:

31 Oct. 2001
Cedarville is a school of sorries. The favorite word around this place is “sorry,” and most people aren’t using it when playing a game. Why is everybody saying sorry? Everybody at Cedarville is a clutz. I have never encountered more slow-walking, spatially unaware people in my life. That’s pretty bad coming from the Philippines, land of the perpetually late and meandering. Nowhere is this more evident than at Chuck’s, our school cafeteria. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really great that whenever someone runs into me they apologize and say sorry, but I think there’s something fundamentally wrong here. I submit that instead of always saying sorry, we all just stop running into each other in the first place. I don’t know what causes this phenomena either. One possibility is the campus-wide addiction, at least among guys, to Half-life. There isn’t a problem among the experts, since they have discovered how to run, jump, shoot and scan the horizon in one deft move. Unfortunately there are hundreds of newbies, who haven’t quite got that all figured out. So what we’re left with is a bunch of guys strafing through the cafeteria without looking, periodically glancing up to see if there is sniper perched on a ledge with a crossbow (or at least some grenades). As for girls, there’s no explaining them. If they can yell at guys any day of the month for no particular reason, then I suppose they can also bump and bounce around without rhyme or reason too. Unfortunately, this disease seems to be contagious, and I can already feel myself being overcome with this wretched curse of imbalance and blind spots. Thankfully, today I only ran into 21 people. I’m doing well.

I thought it was funny… maybe not.

Remy and I played a big 1k+ turbo MTT today and finished within a couple spots of each other, but he ended up winning more $$$ because of a backwards last longer bet we had. PWNED. In other poker news, Rizen and Prahlad “Mahatma/Spirit Rock/Pragress” Friedman are both out of the Main Event leaving me to only have Allen Cunningham to really root for.

Movies etc

WSOP Main Event started today — I’m really excited for the next 9 days but obviously bummed I’m not out there. Next year, next year…

Yesterday I got to see some friends and (I mention this to make Trix jealous) hit up BW3’s for boneless wings. We rented Match Point which I hadn’t seen because I’d heard mixed things but someone’s whose opinion matters to me recommended it… and let me just say… WOW. So it’s 20 minutes too long but is excellent otherwise. At some point you realize that what you’re really watching is a classic Greek tragedy (Sophocles is even name-dropped once) — the opera soundtrack re-inforces this — and that the whole film is essentially great literature made visual. Match Point is vastly more enjoyable if you’re even vaguely familiar with tragedies and/or Shakespeare and approach the film with that mindset.

As expected, 28 Up was just really great. Most of the participants have married in the 7 years since I last hung out with them. I can’t even begin to describe how fascinating these films are. I see myself in one of the participants to such an extent that I can predict his answers to every question from the interviewer. He is me, and I know him, and I can’t put into words how eerie it is to watch myself (or the British version of a 28-year-old me in the 80’s).

I’ve uploaded a clip from the movie Songs From the Second Floor. The film is a series of short vignettes that are only loosely related — thus I don’t really need to set the scene or explain anything because I’m not pulling it out of context. It’s the key scene in the movie and I almost wrote an art thesis about just this part. Seriously one of my all-time favorite scenes from any movie. I was thinking today of other favorite movie scenes and immediately thought of “Ride of Valkyries” / helicopter scene from Apocalypse Now which is really just one of many awesome scenes in that movie. Most great movie scenes involve music so “Where Is My Mind?” at the end of Fight Club has to be on a favorites list as would the Mickey Mouse club theme song from Full Metal Jacket — can’t forget “Thus Spake Zarathustra” from 2001 either… Since I love lists maybe one day soon I will sit and come up with a real Top Ten of my personal favorite film scenes.

Playing blind

So I once played a poker tournament without ever looking at my cards (put a sticky on the monitor) — I finished 3rd out of 35. The other day I tried something else fun: I bet/raised the minimum every hand, every street. Finished 2nd out of 18 and was one bad beat away from winning. It wasn’t quite as fun as playing blind, but still pretty funny.

I’m reading Catcher in the Rye for the nth time. It’s so trendy to love this book that sometimes I forget how awesome it actually is. I really get along with misanthropes like Holden Caulfield and Hazel Motes.

Other media consumption: Green Street Hooligans with ol’ Frodo; I’d give it a 3.5/5 which is surprising because it’s got a 4.5 on Netflix and 7.3 on IMDB. I just think there are major flaws with the film. I’d read some of Bill Buford’s Among the Thugs so I was a bit informed on the subject but the whole time watching the movie I kept wishing I had just finished the book instead.

Next up is the documentary 28 Up, part of a truly extraordinary series. These films started in the ’60’s when the kids were 7. The filmmakers re-visit the same group every seven years to see how they’ve changed. The first, Seven Up, is bundled with Seven Plus 7 when, obviously, they’re 14. 21 Up was the best so far and I expect 28+ to keep getting better. AFAIK the latest is 49 Up but isn’t out on dvd yet. Just an amazing concept and well-executed, just really interesting stuff.


I’ve resorted to sitting around pantless and shirtless (TMI, I know) just to ensure there are no bugs crawling on me. This way, when I feel their itty bitty legs moving up my leg I can visuallly confirm that I’m hallucinating and find momentary peace of mind.

A barely-21-year-old is tearing up the WSOP. Already has 2 bracelets, both in NLHE, a 3rd place finish in Omaha High-Low 8/OB — and is about to cash in the Seven Card Stud High-Low 8/OB. Sick nasty results.

I visited Cedarville’s new bakery for breakfast this morning — good food, lacks atmosphere. Had a monstrous cinnamon bun for $1.50. Mmm…

Formicating all night long

For·mi·ca·tion n. A sensation resembling that made by the creeping of ants on the skin

These insects, these bugs, these bastards are driving me crazy. There are things crawling up my legs, down my arms, across my neck. I’ve become unable to distinguish between a dangling shirt thread and a winged insect traversing my forearm. It’s not just bugs anymore either, I’m seeing animals everywhere: at night I can’t tell a shadow from a deer, a branch from a bird. Yesterday I saw a rat the size of a rabbit jump into Cedar Lake; I think it was real though. I do know the dozens and dozens of roadkill on US-42 are real too. The rest I’m not sure of, especially the insects and bugs. So, so many of them always crawling up my leg. Even now!

In poker news, I haven’t been multi-tabling in a couple days. Recently finished 13/180, 25/909, and 31/550 for a total profit of $33. Boo.

Barnes and Noble had a sale today so for $2 I bought I Always Look Up the Word ‘Egregious’ by Maxwell Nurnberg; it’s a “vocabulary book for people who don’t need one.” Which, if I may be so pretentious, fits me well. This is all made way more amusing by the fact that I really do look up ‘egregious’ a lot. I can’t seem to remember how to spell it (well, I’m sure to remember now) and whenever I seek help from Google they always point me to “gregarious,” which is quite unhelpful.

I did watch Goodbye Lenin the other day, I’d give it 4/5 or so. Would’ve been more enjoyable if I was, you know, actually German myself. But Chulpan Khamatova is TEH HAWT so it was worth it.

Wheeeee I’m blogging again I guess… (!?)

Kroger + Redemptive Truth

I just saved $9.69 with my Kroger Plus Card. It’s beyond me how a quick trip to the store for Oreos ended up being an all out run on Cream Corn and Smoked Turkey. It’s like Y2k all over again, except I’m preparing for a pickle drought.

How would you personally answer this question:
“Do you think that there is a single set of beliefs which can serve a redemptive role in the lives of all human beings, which can be rationally justified to all human beings under optimal communicative conditions, and which will thus form the natural terminus of inquiry?”1 Comments appreciated.

Feeling generous? Buy me this awesome Office Space gift set. Or actually, any of the hilarious t-shirts from Busted Tees.

In case you missed it: Simon Wiesenthal has passed away peacefully at the age of 96.

For the curious, check out Who Makes How Much, “An impertinent look at other people’s paychecks.”

Lastly: On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Bot. A look at the most popular poker bot out there. If you’ve got $200 to spend on me, this might not be a bad idea either.