Bye farting kitty

On Saturday the heavens dumped some 96 inches of rain on us and I was very much reminded of the Philippines. That evening I found a tiny black kitten trapped in a tree, sopping wet and crying very loudly. I brought him inside and got a towel for him while Kurt got him warm milk. Within minutes, we heard the kitten’s brother crying outside too so we brought him in as well. This was soon followed by a third. We shut the door so we wouldn’t have to see any more cats and feel obligated to give them shelter from the storm. Unfortunately our landlord does not allow pets, no matter how cute, so we dumped two of them outside Sunday morning but kept the black one a little longer. Kurt and Will had a couple different names for the little guy but I just called him “kitty” or “the black one” or “psycho farting cat” because fart fart fart he certainly did. Sadly, we had to kick him out tonight which is really too bad because I loved him and loved having a pet around again. Sunday naps on a couch are just way better when there’s a kitten curled up on your chest. We knew the longer we waited the more attached we’d get so kitty got the boot and our weekend animal shelter is closed.

Ninjas, Zombies, Blogs, OH MY

Two books for Kurt Fraser:
1. Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book by Robert Hamburger
2. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead by Max Brooks

Two people with crazy books due out soon: Tucker Max and Maddox.

Make sure you check out this collection of tsunami videos. Also, what does 225,000 look like?

Attack of the Blogs – Daniel Lyons top-notch journalism on ‘dem scary blog-thingies. In any other context you’d think this was satire.

Sucks to suck at suicide: Suicide Mistaken For Halloween Decoration. Which reminds me, my barkada’s Fall/Harvest/Halloween party is Saturday evening. Should be a scaretastic night.

“Think radio sucks? You’re not alone. Indie band Hanson talks about music revolution” and the importance of college radio.

Chuck Klosterman is a very funny guy. He’s also proven to be way to addicted to TV. As for his books, I’ve read much of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and hope I can get to his other work soon.

There’s only one word to suitably describe these next two videos, but sadly it’s quite demeritable so I’ll have to settle for “CREEPY” – David Blaine ripping out his heart and Criss Angel walking through a glass window

Lastly, seems USA Today ‘accidentally’ gave Condi ‘demon eyes’ in a doctored photo. Oops.