What a Sick Rollercoaster

On the bright side:
My TEFL class, unlike almost everything else so far, has been more or less just like I imagined it. On Monday I woke up just before 9am ready to meet the taxi by 9.45am… only for Rosie, the dorm mama, to come grab me at 9.30. Lo and behold, who should be waiting for me in the taxi but a fellow GIC-er from Chicago. At the TEFL International office, there were — hallelujah — more gringos just as overwhelmed as myself. There were 10 of us total, but a mother/son duo dropped after the 1st day. We range from ~21 through ~61, but the contingent of twentysomethings is obviously the majority. Three of us are Midwesterners, and all three of us live in the same student residence.

The office/school is about a 30-minute walk from our dorm, but I think we’re going to stick with taxis in the morning — because it’s ~$1/ea/day & only 10 minutos — and then walk home when we quit around 4.30 or 5pm. We start at 10am and lunch is from 1-2pm. I’ve discovered that GIC is basically an optional intermediary between prospective students & TEFL International — I’ve had zero contact with the former, but have found the latter nothing but professional. The classes have been suitably rigorous but not overbearingly difficult. Among our class I feel comfortably average: not the most educated or well-traveled, but not the least; not the best at Spanish, but not the worst; not the best teacher (so far), but not the worst, etc etc. All of us have some previous cross-cultural experience — some quite extensive — but only one of us isn’t a U.S. citizen (he’s British). I will post photos later because our school (just one floor of a perhaps 3-storied place) is really nice — I love the central patio/garden that all rooms encircle & look out upon.

Surprise-of-the-week has been our sessions learning Gaelige, the language mainly spoken on the far west coast of Ireland. One of our teachers is an ex-hitchhiking, globetrotting Irishman so over three days he’s modeling, via Gaelige, how we’re supposed to teach English to speakers of other languages. It’s intended to simultaneously (and perhaps this is the main goal) help us feel what it’s like to try to learn a language cold. So this builds empathy with our future students, demonstrates our school’s preferred teaching method/paradigm, embarrasses all of us… ie, a rollicking good time. Unbelievably frustrating though.

So far I’ve mostly laid low and done homework, etc but last night I went with a couple TEFLers + random expats to a La Bomba de Tiempo show at Ciudad Cultural Konex, a place that resembles (formerly was?) an enormous warehouse. The show was basically like a percussion rave, though occasionally with other instruments — last night featured a sick flautist. It was pretty crazy to see hundreds of BsAs hipsters dancing like mad to just drums + flute. Glad I went, even though I actually left after about 80 minutes or so in order to a) do my homework [LOL skool] and b) get to bed on time and c) preserve my hearing. God I’m old.

On the dark side: (more…)

Extreme Cynic Makeover

I’m watching Extreme Home Makeover because it allows me to set aside my cynicism for one hour and maybe even get weepy (ok, likely not). Good show, seriously.

Did I mention how I completely rocked two goals in one week?
1. Hit 20k FPPs on Stars and ordered my 30-gig video iPod. My black beauty should be here in a few weeks – hopefully before B’s wedding but if not, certainly before Christmas vacation.
2. Hit 41 takedowns in Burnout 3. Geek champ, obv.

Dear mankind

Looong day at work today and extremely discouraging. Only good part is that I’m extremely close to being able to cash in my VIP points for a 30 gig video Ipod. Only stopped multi-tabling for a brief dinner of blueberry waffles, bacon and toast which is probably a meal I’ll be repeating because it was pretty scrumptious. Now I’m just watching a Discovery special on the palm islands of Dubai. I know I’m a nerd but it’s pretty spectacular what they’re doing there. Sometimes I don’t understand how humanity is smart enough to build these islands but yet we still have so many other inconveniences and daily nuisances that forever plague us. Oh, and cancer.

Dear mankind,
Less fake coral reefs, more cancer research.

On commercial break I saw that there’s a new show coming in November called Everest: Beyond the Limit. I’ve had a crush on Everest for a while now so I’m looking forward to this a lot. This blog blows, I’m sorry. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post more of my writings to keep you crazy cats occupied.