The Reader in the Striped Pajamas

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated every January 27th. The day often re-ignites discussions over what should be done with the old Nazi death camps: should Auschwitz and Dachau be left to rot, reclaimed by nature, or actively maintained as a memorial to victims of the Holocaust? Survivors, whose opinions here should trump all, have weighed in both sides of the debate.

It’s not hard to imagine which side Hollywood comes down on, given its perpetual fascination with mining others’ tragedies for financial profit. Imaginary Witness (2004) ably explored Hollywood’s storied, controversial relationship with Nazism and WWII, but a virtual deluge of Holocaust films in the last few months has re-ignited the debate: what right do privileged bourgeoisie have to exploit unspeakable genocide for box office (and Academy Award) success? (more…)