I’m Employed Again, For Now.

I got a job at Gap?

Yet again, Kerry really did fantastic tonight. Bush was semi-coherent at times so I was impressed. At least he didn’t say internets again. The movie night, on the other hand, was a near-disaster. Hopefully the two who attended actually enjoyed it.

Tonight I heard someone ramble on about how this makes no sense: “All men are equal but some are more equal than others.” So I point out that it’s from Animal Farm and he’s all “yeah I love Animal Farm but the quote makes no sense.” I know, that’s the point. It’s not supposed to be logical. “But if we’re all equal but then… seriously, it’s not funny and it’s absurd.” Wow. By “I love Animal Farm” he must’ve meant “I enjoy a story with talking animals.”

Two blogs by Christians who would’ve gotten kicked out of Cedarville:

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  • Foos ball champ – over their heads!
  • Deer’s 25-mile bumper trip
  • 9 found dead in suspected Internet suicide pacts
  • Going Upriver: the long war of John Kerry – free download, I may watch it tonight and report later.