Electoral Compass USA

-> Electoral Compass USA: analyzes your position on “the issues” compared to the presidential candidates.

Issue : Candidate I’m closet to
Gun control: Obama
Environment: Edwards
Iraq: Paul
Economy: Richardson
Income: tie Obama/Clinton
National Security: Richardson
Family: Giuliani
Immigration: Richardson
Healthcare: Clinton
Law and order: tie Obama/Paul
Education: Edwards
Terrorism: Obama

All issues:
1. Barack Obama
2. John Edwards
3. tie Bill Richardson / Hillary Clinton

Farthest from:
1. Fred Thompson
2. Mike Huckabee
3. Mitt Romney

Speaking of Obama, he recently co-led a bipartisan effort to make government spending more transparent by founding USA Spending.Gov. The massive website allows anyone easy access to all federal spending records with unprecedented openness & detail.It allows me to discover, for example, that in my Ohio district (#13) the single largest contract in 2007 was from the Department of Veterans Affairs for $56.2M awarded — after open competition and 4 competing bids — to Microtechnologies LLC to perform “automatic data processing and telecom services.” I also learned that the Department of the Interior paid Envirocom Construction $455k to replace an aqueduct and that General Services Administration paid Jeter Systems a nice $243k for furniture.

Nationally, the Lockheed Martin Corporation scored biggest in 2007, snagging $24.5 billion, or 7.6% of the federal budget. Those bastards at KBR Inc. weaseled their way into a mere $3.9B.

It was also interesting to compare states — noting, for example, that Virginia has 2.6% of the US population but gets 9.8% of all federal money; not surprisingly, Maryland (home to Lockheed Martin) & D.C. (home to Matt Shiraki) also fare well. New York is the biggest loser, home to 6.4% of Americans but only getting 2.6% of the payout pie; Illinois and Michigan follow behind NY.

Kerry Rally Was a Bust

I finally got to hear Air’s Talkie Walkie and it was as lucious and beautiful as I’d hoped. Perfect record to precede my afternoon nap today. Air, by the way, did the Virgin Suicides soundtrack and contributed to Lost In Translation‘s.

Ah yes, I forgot to blog re: the Kerry rally.

Simply, it was a let-down. Too many people, not enough room. We were way on the outside of the square and could only barely see a corner of the screen projecting that big head o’ his. The Bushies were funny though; I loved listening to random people scream at these pro-life kids about how great abortion is. My only highlight was standing on the side of the road when the Kerry Convoy went by, holding a “W is for Women” sign. Yes, I got honked at – probably by Edwards.