CU Finances Pt. 4 — Miscellany

Sorry for the delay, but here’s the last post in our series on the financial health of Cedarville University. In this last segment I simply want to relay some miscellaneous stuff I came across that didn’t fit really well elsewhere.

  • In case you’re curious, when Cedarville went Baptist in 1953, tuition was $58/hr; when my dad enrolled it was $163; by the time I got in it was $314 and by the time I got out it was $656/hr.
  • The number of CU employees paid more than a $50k salary has steadily increased in recent years, with a total of 207 in ’06-’07.
  • Anybody familiar with Cedarville knows we’ve had some legal trouble recently, which is clearly represented on the tax forms: we paid $38k in 2003, but it quickly escalates to almost $305k by ’06-’07. The bulk of that goes to CU’s lead attorney David Haffey, who makes $200k.
  • Dr. Brown’s salary increases the longer his tenure (understandably), and in ’06-’07 was at almost $228k including benefits & expense account. This is below average for our sister schools, which usually paid $242k+ to their president. The best-paid was Wheaton’s ($498k) followed by Biola ($404k); worst was Grace ($85k) and then BBC ($143k).
  • I couldn’t find good information on faculty salaries, but for most of the schools it was possible to determine the highest paid professors. Average salary for the top earner was $133k; CU’s made $112k (Dr. Irene Alyn). I’d imagine Wheaton pays pretty generously, but I couldn’t get numbers — the most I did find was from Masters, whose top earner made a bit over $205k.
  • I don’t know why, but our contract with Pioneer Caterers (ie, Chuck’s) spiked upward sharply after the ’02-’03 year — it went from $1.77M to $3.09M, and it’s hovered in this three-million-ish range ever since.
Too bad none of this made it into Cedars. If it were all cleaned up, edited, and graphed/charted out nicely it could’ve made for a great spread. I imagine the new incarnation of Cedars (coming 2010) will revert to its modus operandi from the 20th century — ie, all safe news and “omg isn’t teh opposite sex confusing?!” type editorials. Shame.

Sorry Students

Eya! Everyone’s coming to town soon, very soon. I’m excited…

I’ve discovered that radio’s Delilah is quite likely the Antichrist.

I found something from an old online journal, back before I officially started blogging:

31 Oct. 2001
Cedarville is a school of sorries. The favorite word around this place is “sorry,” and most people aren’t using it when playing a game. Why is everybody saying sorry? Everybody at Cedarville is a clutz. I have never encountered more slow-walking, spatially unaware people in my life. That’s pretty bad coming from the Philippines, land of the perpetually late and meandering. Nowhere is this more evident than at Chuck’s, our school cafeteria. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really great that whenever someone runs into me they apologize and say sorry, but I think there’s something fundamentally wrong here. I submit that instead of always saying sorry, we all just stop running into each other in the first place. I don’t know what causes this phenomena either. One possibility is the campus-wide addiction, at least among guys, to Half-life. There isn’t a problem among the experts, since they have discovered how to run, jump, shoot and scan the horizon in one deft move. Unfortunately there are hundreds of newbies, who haven’t quite got that all figured out. So what we’re left with is a bunch of guys strafing through the cafeteria without looking, periodically glancing up to see if there is sniper perched on a ledge with a crossbow (or at least some grenades). As for girls, there’s no explaining them. If they can yell at guys any day of the month for no particular reason, then I suppose they can also bump and bounce around without rhyme or reason too. Unfortunately, this disease seems to be contagious, and I can already feel myself being overcome with this wretched curse of imbalance and blind spots. Thankfully, today I only ran into 21 people. I’m doing well.

I thought it was funny… maybe not.

Remy and I played a big 1k+ turbo MTT today and finished within a couple spots of each other, but he ended up winning more $$$ because of a backwards last longer bet we had. PWNED. In other poker news, Rizen and Prahlad “Mahatma/Spirit Rock/Pragress” Friedman are both out of the Main Event leaving me to only have Allen Cunningham to really root for.