Trampin’ tales

Hey friends, this is Kevin. I’m somehow in Chicago, having arrived last night. This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I will give a more detailed trip report later since I took pretty good notes (but failed on the photographic front).

I’ve revised the purpose & rules of this trip so many times, and am continuing to do so. I realized early on that it is impossible to mostly walk and sometimes hitch to Seattle… so I stuck with mostly hitching and sometimes walking, sticking to the country roads. I followed this plan from West Alexandria, OH (Tuesday) to Lebanon, IN (Saturday). It was a total of 112 miles, 41 of which I walked (13 on my best day). The rest was hitched on 8 different rides. 

Somewhere between Eagletown and Jolietville on Saturday, I decided that – for a lot of reasons – I should try interstate highway hitching and see if I could get to Chicago by Saturday night. In Lebanon, I spent 75-80 minutes on the on-ramp of I-65 N with a sign that said “CHICAGO (Elgin)” until a Mexican couple (with their baby) picked me up and took me straight into the city (152 miles). I walked a little more before getting 20 miles on the Chicago metro, and another 31 miles via Nate’s car before we arrived at his house in Elgin, IL. I am ridiculously happy to be here – though with 3 blisters, 2 terrible sunburns, windburn, swollen knees and aching shoulders I am in less than optimal physical condition.  I don’t know what my plans are now… but there’s a good chance I will stick to interstate hitching from now on. I think I made incredible progress getting to Lebanon, but it was absolutely brutal and still behind schedule if I were to keep that up to Seattle. I won’t explain all the rationale right now, but there are definite pros & cons to doing highway vs. backcountry hitching. It was an incredible week though, and I look forward to writing up some stories. Thanks for your prayers and the encouraging & funny (though occasionally weird) voicemails.

High School Reunion Bingo

My high school class is having our 7 year reunion in a week. I went to a conservative Christian missionary school in the Philippines, but have not really kept up with hardly any of my classmates. Much to my surprise, it appears I’ll actually be attending this reunion. It seemed only fitting that I keep my sanity by drawing up a Reunion Bingo board to keep score on while I glad-hand my way around the room next Saturday:

Feel free to make predictions on if/where I’ll hit bingo.