Gaeilge for Fun & Profit

Step 1: Learn Gaeilge
Step 2: Move to Ireland
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit!

Today we had our last session on Gaeilge (it was about 4 hours over 3 days), and I have to say how impressed I am with this pedagogical tool. It conclusively proved the effectiveness of the school’s methods, and it was very eye-opening to start learning a language from scratch (unlike Spanish, for example, which has a lot of overlap with English and bits of which — “adios” etc — are known by millions of non-speakers).

I like being able to walk most places, but today was rainy, about 50 °F, and kinda miserable. I’ve gone to the same confiteria for lunch the past two days: carne empanadas the first, and an enormous ham/cheese/egg/mayo/lettuce sandwich for today. The place is cheap and very close to the office so it’ll probably be a frequent stop. I went with Arbi, an Indian chap from Britain with a masters in applied linguistics. He’s spent the last 8 years teaching ESL in China and recommended I do TESOL in Asia if I want to pay off my student loans. We’ll see.

Yesterday we got BA International Student cards which should get me a few decent discounts in addition to a whole new support group with options for plenty of activities. They’re arranging a trip to Iguazu Falls next month which I’m definitely interested in. A few BAIS reps have been coming by to talk with us, and tomorrow they’re actually taking a few us apartment hunting. Dorm living is getting shittier by the day so moving out ASAP is a huge priority (if GIC will refund some monies, that is).

Recent Charitable Giving at CU

A comparison of charitable giving at Cedarville:

Asian tsunami Hurricane Katrina Pakistan earthquake
Death toll: 286,000 1,250 79,000
CU giving: $14,000 $115,157 $0.00
Dollars/death: $0.05 $92 $0.00

Here’s my semi-unrelated question: only 37% of Americans now support George W. Bush. What percentage of CU students do you think still support him, and why the discrepancy (assuming one) between the general populace and ours?