Republican Jesus Invites You to Read the Constitution

Speaking of great art (and blasphemy), you simply cannot top this:

This is One Nation Under God by Jon McNaughton, who is the Luke Skywalker to Thomas Kinkade’s Darth Vader. Most of what you need to know about this masterpiece is made plain when you see that one of the “positive” characters is holding Cleon Skousen’s The Five Thousand Year Leap. On McNaugton’s website you can read his detailed explanation of all the other “symbolism.” More entertainingly, make sure you check out this parody which retains the look of McNaughton’s site while replacing all the zoom-in captions for each character.

Hat-tip to Mike Morrell for making me aware of this

Chicago Declaration on Evangelical Social Concern

Let’s see what other crazy things were said in the ’70s:

We affirm that God abounds in mercy and that he forgives all who repent and turn from their sins. So we call our fellow evangelical Christians to demonstrate repentance in a Christian discipleship that confronts the social and political injustice of our nation.

We must attack the materialism of our culture and the maldistribution of the nation’s wealth and services. We recognize that as a nation we play a crucial role in the imbalance and injustice of international trade and development. Before God and a billion hungry neighbors, we must rethink our values regarding our present standard of living and promote a more just acquisition and distribution of the world’s resources.

We acknowledge our Christian responsibilities of citizenship. Therefore, we must challenge the misplaced trust of the nation in economic and military might–a proud trust that promotes a national pathology of war and violence which victimizes our neighbors at home and abroad. We must resist the temptation to make the nation and its institutions objects of near-religious loyalty.

That’s an excerpt from the “Chicago Declaration on Evangelical Social Concern,” written November 25, 1973. HEREBY AFFIRMED. This is me co-signing, 35 years late.

How would our current political landscape be different if we had listened to these brothers instead of those in the Moral Majority? How would the Focus on the Family version read?
“Before God and a billion hungry neighbors, we must affirm that the greatest assault on Christian values is two ho-mo-sexuals reading The New Yorker together in Boston.”
“We must resist the temptation to see all humans as created equal, for those born in the US of A are more equal than others. Those born in the US of A are auto-magically incorporated into a new Divine plan in which democracy needs to be forcefully imposed on unExceptional unAmericans.”