To Go Home

You know who Daniel Johnston is, right? I’d tried his music some years ago and was, um, a little put off to say the least. But last month something just clicked and I’ve been scrambling to grab any Johnston mp3s that I can find. Well the night before leaving for Rochester I rented The Devil and Daniel Johnston and was very moved. It’s pretty much sealed my love for this guy’s raw music. Even if you know nothing about Johnston or his peculiar songs & art, I very strongly recommend you watch that documentary. PLUS, I think I mentioned earlier that I love M. Ward — well to complete our cosmic circle, Matt Ward covers a Daniel Johnston song on Post-War. For your aural pleasure, both songs:
M. Ward – To Go Home | Daniel Johnston – To Go Home

Jim James connection

This is all I’ve been doing for the last days before November hit us. I was trying to hit GoldStar (VIP club) and I did just 4 hours before the midnight deadline on the 31st. Now I’m on a bit poker’d out so I’m going to take it easy for a while and re-charge.

I did nothing but listen to music yesterday. I’m really into a lot of older stuff right now (Dylan, Van Morrison, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, etc) but if I had to recommend a few cds off the top of my head they’d all be from 2006 and they’d all be connected to Jim James: start with the live masterpiece of Okonokos by James’ My Morning Jacket; then hit up M. Ward’s Post-War which James plays on (he might’ve produced it too, not sure). Last is the undeniably MMJ-influenced disc by Band of Horses called Everything All the Time. Dig it.

  • RIP William Styron
  • Stephen Colbert Has America by the Ballots – a couple weeks old but still a good read.
  • Open directory full of Ray Lamontagne demos and live cuts
  • The Daily Drawing
  • TY Dell

    WOOT LAPTOP. So I’m blogging from my couch while watching Scrubs. Dream come true, minus the radiation that’s killing thousands of sperm.

    I’m headed to Nate’s wedding this weekend, rumour has it I’m actually a groomsman. Which is great because in a decade I can be the guy in all the pictures who everyone points at and asks “yeah whatever happened to that dude?” Plus I’ll get to wear a tux: penguin mafia here I come.

    I’ve set aside Bob Dylan and Sufjan long enough to catch up on the newest releases. My favorite for the moment has to be The Decemberists but The Hold Steady and Calexico follow right behind. Beck’s latest is pretty good too, check ’em all out.

    Lovedrug Show

    Sorry for the recent lack of creamy bloggity goodness. I do need to mention my sweet candy Saturday, wherein I had the chance to chill with friends at a Lovedrug / Denison Witmer concert in Columbus. See now I’m not the hugest Lovedrug fan but the price was right and the friends were hot so I gave it a shot. Really it’s hard for me to even describe this concert without swearing. Suffice to say that Lovedrug puts on a ridiculously awesome show. By now their musical comparisons are well mapped out – you have your Muse, with a sprinkling of Sunny Day Real Estate, a dash of Ours, a tidbit of Sleeping At Last, all thrown in with your standard We-Heart-Radiohead fare. The latter also represented by the Thom Yorke look-alike, lead singer (and pianist/guitarist) Michael Shepard – who’s even got a few spastic mannerisms of Yorke down pat as well. All of the band members are really rather talented, but it’s worth noting Matthew Putnam (he of great Unwed Sailor fame) who is an absolutely brutal drummer. The whole crew does their part however and if Lovedrug could pour half of their live show energy into a cd I think they’d win over a few more critics. A review at Stylus magazine fairly accurately sums up my feelings on their album, Pretend You’re Alive, but after Saturday I feel pretty confident in asserting that you really ought to reserve most judgment until you’ve witnessed their amazing live show.


    I want to give mad props and big ups to Jeremy Motta, who on Saturday proposed to Ginny Bishop who, it is rumoured, seems to have said “yes.” Remy’s been my homeboy jucket for like 4 years now and his engagement is pimp, made sweeter by the fact that I wholeheartedly approve of the girl he’s found. Good on you, bub.


    By way of a little update on my senior seminar, it’s been officially re-named to kevin’s senior suck. I present on Thursday the 15th and am absolutely petrified. I’m going to have to wear cords that day just to calm my nerves.

    Little Bit of This & That

    Some dude named Brady built a home-made flamethrower… you know, just in case he needs to pillage a conquered village later in the week.

    Remember The W’s and their song “The Devil Is Bad?” It earned them a RIAA-certified platinum record for being on the Wow ’99 compilation (sadly, I’m guessing 70% of my readers have owned that very disc). Valentine Hellman, the W’s sax player, decided to try and play the platinum record with amusing results. I’ve decided that anybody who’d put their Dove awards above the crapper is alright by me. I’d love to hear more about his days trapped in the CCM underworld.

    How much money would it take for you to kill a puppy with your bare hands? Best video I’ve seen in a while.

    I grabbed desktop wallpaper from this site that has a few good photos of Philippine beaches. Might see something you like if you’re pinoy.

    Lastly, a few funny poker shirts

    Sometimes I’m a dork and notice philosophy in pop music that, probably inadvertently, serves as a nice slogan. For example:
    The lyric “There is no you, there is only me,” from the chorus of “Only” by Nine Inch Nails pretty well sums of solipsism.

    Or contrast these two:
    Essentialism: “Be Yourself” by Audioslave
    Anti-essentialism and/or existentialism: “Make Yourself” by Incubus

    Ninjas, Zombies, Blogs, OH MY

    Two books for Kurt Fraser:
    1. Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book by Robert Hamburger
    2. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead by Max Brooks

    Two people with crazy books due out soon: Tucker Max and Maddox.

    Make sure you check out this collection of tsunami videos. Also, what does 225,000 look like?

    Attack of the Blogs – Daniel Lyons top-notch journalism on ‘dem scary blog-thingies. In any other context you’d think this was satire.

    Sucks to suck at suicide: Suicide Mistaken For Halloween Decoration. Which reminds me, my barkada’s Fall/Harvest/Halloween party is Saturday evening. Should be a scaretastic night.

    “Think radio sucks? You’re not alone. Indie band Hanson talks about music revolution” and the importance of college radio.

    Chuck Klosterman is a very funny guy. He’s also proven to be way to addicted to TV. As for his books, I’ve read much of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and hope I can get to his other work soon.

    There’s only one word to suitably describe these next two videos, but sadly it’s quite demeritable so I’ll have to settle for “CREEPY” – David Blaine ripping out his heart and Criss Angel walking through a glass window

    Lastly, seems USA Today ‘accidentally’ gave Condi ‘demon eyes’ in a doctored photo. Oops.

    Architecture in Helsinki

    do not be confused. this is not a crustacean.Hey hey you crazy, cold-sored crustacean-lovers, it’s Wednesday and you know what that means: I get to rave passionately about music that none of you care about, want to like, or even bother downloading! Alright! Today’s song is by Architecture in Helsinki, a group of Aussies who appear to wish they were from Finland. Their latest outing, In Case We Die, is reminiscent of get-happy indie pop like The Polyphonic Spree, sharing their tendencies for large theatrical bands and similar to the shout-a-long songs of The Arcade Fire or The Hidden Cameras. I haven’t listened to this album straight through very often yet so I’ll semi-randomly offer up this little gem: Architecture In Helsinki’s “It’s 5” (3.18meg .mp3).

    So why is there sugar in my hair and sugar coming through my car vents? Motta, Sarah – any ideas? I need to stop hanging around such ill-mannered ruffians.

    TIME’s Lev Grossman writes this week on nerds being hip: The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth. It’s always funny to me how many geeky/gaming/computer terms end up in common language. Now I’m even hearing decidedly non-nerdy socialites say “woot” (technically, “w00t”), a term originally from the fantasy RPG Everquest. When players were excited to find a stash of items or food they’d exclaim “Woo-hoo, loot!” Now it applies to everything, such as “w00t i pwned my exam this morning.” Where do you rank on the geek hierarchy? While I’m at it, just wanted to send out a huge YIFF YIFF to Remy.

    Speaking of total dorks, check out these amusing pictures of people photoshopped as anime/manga characters and read an interview with America’s favorite physicist nerd Stephen Hawking. Ahoy dorks-turned-emos: article on LiveJournal’s creator Brad Fitzpatrick.

    Mindless, boredom-breaking flash violence: Sin City shooter. If you’re still bored, tell Stewie what to do. Input enough actual commands and you’ll unlock the Kill Lois sequence.

    The picture above was either going to be of the giant squid everyone’s skeeting over or, as you can see, a two-headed turtle recently found.

    A.C. Newman is a Superstud

    It’s true, I’m somewhat on a New Pornographer’s kick. Did you know their frontman has an awesome solo album out? No, you didn’t. But he does. For your listening pleasure: A.C. Newman’s “On The Table” (4.5meg .mp3). Try it, you’ll like it.

    Hey this is positive: I finally finished Paul Feig’s Superstud: Or How I Became a 24-Year-Old Virgin. I’d recommend it if you woke up this morning with a desire to read a painfully awkward coming-of-age story about the (non)sex-life of a geek.

    Now see a George Bush doll become an Emperor George II doll.

    Happy ‘The Homeless Man Went To Her High School’ Day!

    p.s. – on a different note, has anybody out there read Mister God, This Is Anna by Fynn?


    Good news: The Dandy Warhols just released their new cd, Odditorium or Warlords of Mars. Check it.

    WaPo: “A Sad Truth: Cities Aren’t Forever” – “The city of New Orleans is not going to be rebuilt…”

    Google circa 1997. Be sure to check out the pic page.

    Like most Americans (even Joelle soon?), I want to know why our Commander-in-Chief is a clown. “Now They Tell Us”, also in the Washington Post, explores the real George Bush.

    Ok many of you are probably familiar with the news story about authorities finding 11 children in Ohio locked up in “cages,” right? Let me make it clear from the outset: I do not condone what was done nor recommend their parental methods. But reading this story sheds way more light on the issue. So quick to demonize aren’t we? In reality what we have is nosy neighbors and media ruining the life and reputation of parents trying to care for the neglected and unwanted. These were 11 adopted kids, all with mental and physical disorders who, in the care of the Gravelles, were/became “polite, well-behaved, well-dressed, [and] well-fed.” The eight children in “cages” – covered cribs really – only slept there (not “lived”) and the whole thing was done at the suggestion of a licensed psychiatrist. For trying (albeit misguidedly) to care for The Other – kids nobody else wants to even touch – the Gravelles are rewarded with extensive, negative media coverage and the ire of minivan-driving mothers who want to feel self-righteous because — despite being too busy for their own children, obscenely berating them for spilling milk and acting like kids — at least they don’t put their kids in “cages.”

    Kerry Rally Was a Bust

    I finally got to hear Air’s Talkie Walkie and it was as lucious and beautiful as I’d hoped. Perfect record to precede my afternoon nap today. Air, by the way, did the Virgin Suicides soundtrack and contributed to Lost In Translation‘s.

    Ah yes, I forgot to blog re: the Kerry rally.

    Simply, it was a let-down. Too many people, not enough room. We were way on the outside of the square and could only barely see a corner of the screen projecting that big head o’ his. The Bushies were funny though; I loved listening to random people scream at these pro-life kids about how great abortion is. My only highlight was standing on the side of the road when the Kerry Convoy went by, holding a “W is for Women” sign. Yes, I got honked at – probably by Edwards.

    How You Remind Me That Nickelback Sucks

    Three Doors Down sucks. Change the vocals slightly and you have Nickelback. Which is why they suck too. From Linkfilter here’s an mp3 of How You Remind Me of Someday (*.mp3) – it’s two Nickelback songs put on top of each other. Thing is, you can hardly tell because the songs are nearly identical. Plus the funniest thing I’ve seen yet today is Nickelback walking off stage after only two songs because they were being pelted with rocks and bottled water (*.mpg).