Blog Re-design

As should be obvious, I’ve drastically overhauled this blog (as a way to procrastinate from packing up my apartment). There are still a number of tweaks needed but I’m happy overall with how things turned out. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

I wanted to also point out the resources that I used. The theme is my customized version of “DailyPress” by Jai Nischal Verma, around which everything else is built. The Twitter tools are “Tweet This” by Richard X. Thripp, and “Twitter Widget” by Sean Spalding. The e-mail plug-in is “WP-EMail” by Lester Chan. The sitemap was created automatically via the “Sitemap Generator” by Dagon Design. This whole re-design has been a huge pain in the ass (albeit sometimes fun) but these tools made it a bit easier at least.

Drastic changes

Yes, things look a little different around here. I still haven’t adjusted. CSS drives me crazy, especially when using someone else’s code. I’ll continue tweaking as the days go by, let me know if you have any suggestions and/or want to help me with it.

PunditFilter Debuts

I’m a real dork at heart. I spent Sunday afternoon playing with RSS templates for feed aggregators. But let me rejoice in my dorkiness just a little while longer and say that I’ve hit another blogging milestone, though with PunditFilter. I was pretty pumped when nationally syndicated talk-show host Hugh Hewitt mentioned the site, and when creator of Entertainment Weekly and famous blogger Jeff Jarvis gave me a shout-out, and ecstatic when UCLA law professor Steven Bainbridge recommended PunditFilter, and proud to see I’d made it into the Top 1000 blogs… yet let me just say I truly hit blogbliss when I got my first donation. A fan of PunditFilter sent me $6 on Sunday so I could buy which I have now done. True that’s not a lot of money, but I still think it’s something.

LOL Webcam Glory

In case you didn’t see the link up top, I’m experimenting with uber-vanity in the form of a webcam. If the link up top doesn’t work let me know, but otherwise the cam page is right here. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done in my life (except for that one time…). Right now there are only 12 people watching me, but a couple minutes ago it was triple that. Creepy.

Huge shout-out to Smooth-e for the cam hookup.