The Journey Continues

This is Katie Cole reporting for Kevin. I heard from him on Sunday night as he was settling into his tent and bracing himself for a wild thunderstorm at Dane County Park in Madison, Wisconsin. After a week of rest and rejuvenation in Elgin, Illinois with a college buddy, he had set off that day to continue the westward journey. He has decided to follow highway I-90 W, going through Minnesota now instead of Iowa and Nebraska. He was hoping to be near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN by Monday and is anxious to get to Badlands National Park and then later, Yellowstone.

All seems to be going well and his research seems to have paid off in regards to preparation and planning. His equipment is working out well for the most part and he hasn’t had any run-ins with wild animals or police yet.

We’ll continue reporting on his progress as we get word.

The Beginning…

Kev’s little brother, Kraig, here…

kevin walking

We dropped Kevin off on the side of Route 35 in front of Hawkins Appliances just outside West Alexandria, Ohio on Tuesday, May 13th at 5:11 PM. He was in high spirits and his little belly was full of greasy small-town food from Barney’s diner. His final words, strangely enough, were “Shalom, peace be upon you and your future generations. Allah Akbar.”

I received a text message from Kevin this afternoon: “in Lebanon, IN. mentally, in good shape. physically, in all kinds of pain. strong chance this trip ends in Chicago”