2009 Movie Recap

I saw 169 films for the first time this year, about 70 of which were films actually from 2009, and 30 of which were foreign films. 37% of my total were dramas, 28% were documentaries, 18% were comedies, and 17% were thrillers or action flicks.

Most Overrated:
1. Invictus: moralizing, expositional, tension-free… strong performances couldn’t save Eastwood’s mediocre telling of an interesting, complex story.
2. Up: the first minutes are gold, up until the house lands in S. America. The introduction of Indiana Jones-esque pseudo-adventure and talking dogs sadly killed this.
3. The Hurt Locker: I would’ve liked this better if it were called GI Joe: Rise of the Defusers. That way I would’ve gone in prepared for wildly unrealistic scenarios and larger-than-life superheros. At least the acting & direction were superb.

Surprisingly terrible: The Box
Surprisingly good: Away We Go
Predictably terrible: 2012
Predictably good: 500 Days of Summer

First seen: Synecdoche, New York on 01/01/09
Last seen: Nos Que Aqui Estamos Por Vos Esperamos on 12/31/09

My favorite films, loosely ranked in order:

1. I Killed My Mother
2. A Prophet
3. Everyone Else
4. 500 Days of Summer
5. Dogtooth
6. The Cove
7. You, the Living *
8. The Road
9. It Felt Like a Kiss
10. Moon
11. Home
12. Food, Inc.
13. District 9
14. The Class *
15. Where the Wild Things Are

* These were released overseas earlier, but Roger Ebert (using US release/distribution dates) counts them for ’09 so I will too.

5 thoughts on “2009 Movie Recap

  1. I almost caught up to you! I watched 160….68% library (110), 7% (12) other dvds, 20% (33) downloads, 2% (4) theater…. 39 more movies than last year. 33 were foreign.
    Most of mine were not from 2009, so my list ratings are just of those I saw for the first time in ’09
    Most overrated: Chicago, Rent, Million Dollar Baby
    Surprisingly good: Australia or Cold Mountain
    Surprisingly bad: La Vie En Rose or Monster’s Ball
    Predictably good: The Client or The Kite Runner
    Predictably bad: No Reservations or Orange County

    1. Where the Wild Things Are
    2. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    3. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
    4. The Class
    5. Beijing Bicycle
    6. (500) Days of Summer
    7. Australia
    8. The Counterfeiters
    9. Dirty Pretty Things
    10. Chocolat
    11. Cold Mountain
    12. Notes on a Scandal
    13. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    14. The Pianist
    15. The Dark Knight
    16. The Kite Runner
    17. The Prestige
    18. The Band’s Visit
    19. Revolutionary Road
    20. Slumdog Millionaire

  2. Regarding every movie Clint Eastwood has made in the last 15 years or so, I always think, “Oh. This is an interesting premise. Maybe he’ll do alright this time.” Of course, it never happens, but even after reading your post, I’ll go see Invictus in hopes that I’m wrong about it probably being as artless as the rest of them, and will return it to Netflix, crestfallen, ready to be suckered by the next one.

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