Konichiwa Khap

I’m back in Bangkok again and thought I’d give a brief trip report about my time in/on Okinawa. It was a really excellent break from Thailand and I had a great time, even with less-than-ideal weather (typhoon-induced rain for 60+ hours, etc). One semi-surprising treat was the flight leg between BKK & Narita on All Nippon Airways. At a time when American airlines are starting to charge you for daring to bring luggage, it was nice to be back on an Asian airline that gave great service reminiscent of the Cathay Pacific trips I took as a child. Except now I get Haagen-Dazs, alcohol & a “personal entertainment system” instead of crayons and a coloring book.

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As mentioned before, Mike and I spent the first few days up north at picturesque Okuma:


The day we left we hit up the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park and Churaumi Aquarium. It’s really difficult to take good photos inside, and you can’t beat this video for giving you a true feel of the aquarium’s main tank:

We also met up with a couple of Mike’s friends to visit a Pineapple Park — basically an interactive advertisement masquerading as tourist site (“Did you know there are over 200 varieties of pineapples!”). It’s a pretty LOL place, and obvious highlight was sampling dozens of pineapple products, including sparkling pineapple wine (avoid, imo).


Our hotel was on Camp Foster in Ginowan and pretty close to the Sunabe Seawall and a small but beautiful beach that we visited a couple times.


We were hoping to go snorkeling but the constant rain was prohibitive. I took a crappy video that gives some idea of what the sea was like and why we nixed snorkeling. The video was taken from the top of the Zanpa Saki Lighthouse which we visited on Monday after the storms broke. Here’s a view from up top:


Anyway you can see many more photos spread out on Flickr in three different sets. Obviously we did a lot more than what I captured on film, including lots of great meals, various mini-tours of Okinawa Island, a brief tour of WWII-era Japanese tunnels, etc. Overall it was a great trip and I’m grateful to my brother for bringing me along for his last week in Japan.

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