Sawasdee Krap, Amigos

This is the obligatory I-made-it-safely-to-Thailand post. My trip was 33 hours door-to-door; flights mostly via Malaysia Arlines, but a quick jaunt at the end from Kuala Lumpur on Thai Airways. Here’s my flying steel tube parked in Cape Town, South Africa:

cape town

My leg from BsAs to Cape Town was maybe 8 hours and my row was empty. I stretched out and watched The Proposal and Running the Sahara (A+, highly rec’d). We skipped over to Johannesburg (or “Jo-burg” as the cool kids say), where I did not see any Prawns. JNB to Kuala Lumpur was maybe 10 hours or so, but I was too doped up to watch movies. They served free alcohol, so I went all menopausal and OD’d on white wine & Tylenol PM. I needed the doping to help me forget that the Langoliers stole my Thursday.

So far I’ve really done nothing in Bangkok, which is fine by me. My airline food was spicier than anything in Buenos Aires, and I’ve continued the streak here by eating green curry, stir-fry chicken, and pork noodles. Definitely wouldn’t mind having a Quilmes though. Here’s what else I miss about Buenos Aires:

— cafe culture
— great architecture
— millions of bookstores
— sweater weather (it’s mid-60s there, mid-90s here)
— cheap steak & cheap wine

Too bad TESL pays so poorly there. C’est la vie. Here’s to hoping South Korea works out.

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