Last Post from North America

My great South American adventure starts in 8 hours. For the curious, here’s my itinerary:

Drive from Ft. Wayne to Detroit, fly American Airlines to La Guardia.

Then I transfer via shuttle from La Guardia to J.F.K. where I have an 8-hour layover before heading straight from J.F.K. to Ministro Pistarini International, Buenos Aires on LAN Airlines — about a 13.5 hour flight.

I arrive at ~10.35am local time and will have (supposedly) a taxi waiting to take me to my “student residence” (ie dorm). I’m using a laptop graciously passed down from my brother Mike, so hopefully I’ll be able to write once I arrive and keep you all posted. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Last Post from North America

  1. Good luck. I’m praying for you.
    I’m glad you didn’t try to hitch hike there either.
    Shave your beard so you can meet some ladies while your down there.

  2. Yeah, the beard has to go ASAP, and not for reasons of love. I just stick out too much. You’d think the popularity of Che would inspire more facial hair around here. Besides, it would be fitting to grow one for an adventure, then shave it for the next adventure.

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