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Today was our first chance to observe an actual ESL class in action. It was very eye-opening & helpful, but actually made me more nervous for my own classes. Tomorrow will be more lectures with another hour of in-class observation. Monday we start doing lesson plans for Tuesday; Tuesday we do lesson plans for Wednesday + actually teach our prepared lesson; Wednesday we do lesson plans for Thursday + teach Tuesday’s lesson; Thursday we do zero lesson plans but teach Wednesday’s lesson. Rinse & repeat for the last week. By the end I will have 6 hours in-class teaching + 8 hours in-class observation + 24-page portfolio. Scary.

A few of us went out to dinner afterwards: omelette con queso y papas fritas, complemented with a glass of wine that was only $1.30. Kazim & I attempted grocery shopping afterwards, but I only ended up buying pop & chocolate ice cream; ie a lot like my old grocery habits in Ohio.

As promised, photos from last weekend:–> The TEFL Institute – I may try to get more photos later because it’s a very nice place and makes it much easier to go to school. There are 3 small classrooms + tango floor + TEFL office, and then the lounge areas seen in the photos.

–> Recoleta, etc – Saturday I went with Kazim & Arbi to the Recoleta Cemetery and surrounding area. I did not find Evita, but I didn’t make much effort. I plan to re-visit anyway since I’d be much nicer on weekdays with less people. Definite highlight of the day was the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. I actually went back on Tuesday as well since it’s pretty close to school. They have a fair amount of Argentinian art, of course, but also a couple Picassos, Rembrandts, and lots of Goyas. There are several parks in the area that really break up the city life quite nicely. And sculptures & statues are everywhere, which is pretty aesthetically refreshing.

–> Puerto Madero, etc – Sunday I took off on my own to see more of the city. I’ve been meaning to hit up the big ecological reserve by the bay that’s supposed to be pretty decent, but unfortunately I got to the entrance right as it closed at sundown. There were a ton of families out just hanging out in the area and it was a very relaxed Sunday afternoon atmosphere. I had some sort of beef sandwich from a vendor but it was super tough (they were out of the bife de chorizo that I wanted originally) and pretty much impossible to eat sans steak knife. Walking back I went through Florida again and found a cool bookstore with a secluded upstairs with no clerks & chairs for reading. They had Temor y Temblor (Kierkegaard) for only $6; I really wanted Contingencia, ironía y solidaridad (Rorty) but it was $30. Trying to read my favorite works in Spanish seems fairly fun to me, if a whee nerdy. As the photos show, I also saw more tango on Florida street but — and I sincerely apologize to all portenos — tango has so far failed to impress me.

For kicks & giggles, here’s a view outside my room as of 75 seconds ago:

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