Humorous History of the World’s Mightiest Rogue State

Volker Pispers has an amusing stand-up act on — believe it or not — terrorism & imperialism, with special emphasis on the terror-backing rogue state known as the U.S.A. (God Bless US!) Hopefully my uber-educated readership knows 99% of what he details, but it’s still a great routine and a hell of a lot funnier than Noam Chomsky.

That was the first of five parts, for a total of about 45 minutes: part two, part three, part four, and part five.

Speaking of American atrocities, I’m also watching White Light, Black Rain via borrowed library DVD. I’ve been mildly obsessed with nukes for at least twenty years. In 5th grade my friend Luke & I were going to build a mock-up of Little Boy or Fat Man using gunpowder from firecrackers. We only got as far as the planning stage, though there was little doubt any other ten-year-old knew more about nuclear theory than I did. In high school, I felt a special (albeit bizarre) affinity for Leó_Szilárd, an unsung hero of our nuclear age. Whatever: enough about idiosyncratic intellectual fetishes. To make a Pispers point, given that we’re the world’s only atomic terrorists, it’s a wonder there aren’t more bombs under our asses. America needs more Arkhipovs and Petrovs (oops, did I just laud some dirty communists?).

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