In the Name of Jesus I Waterboard Thee

How’s this for some cheery Memorial Day reading?

Some true believer sez:

“It’s likely even Jesus would have OK’d water boarding if it would have saved his Mom. He would’ve done the same to save his Dad, or any one of His disciples. For that matter, He even died to save all humans.

It’s obvious He would not be happy with those who voted for the candidate who kills because it’s above his “pay grade” to know if they’re alive. Checking the Commandments, killing innocents is against the 5th. Because pro-aborts don’t know for sure life does not exist at conception, they are still willing to risk that it’s not killing.”

The whole post is a confused muddle of half-truths & fuzzy logic, but this part takes the cake. 

It reminded me of those intelligence briefings Rummy used to give to Bush. Nothing says ‘love of God’ like a clusterbomb to the face.

I think one of the worst parts is that all this accomodation to macabre war theology is contingent on a higher allegiance to the Republican party. Torture never looked so appealing ’til Dubya told us it was God’s will.

3 thoughts on “In the Name of Jesus I Waterboard Thee

  1. I’m consistently shocked by the way Christians readily categorize Bush as a “born-again” Christian but refuse to acknowledge that Obama even claims Christ. For some reason, Bush supersedes all of the other presidents who nominally claim Christ. Did you see Obama’s commencement speech at Notre Dame? I absolutely loved the way he described Christ, the church, and the role of faith in 21st century politics. I would go to church with him.

  2. Haven’t seen/read the speech yet, but I’ll try to soon. Remember this guy? He was dangerously close to implying that since Bush was saved, and Bush said torture was just swell, then torture is in fact just swell (as long as it saves American lives, not the lives of lesser peoples).

  3. The most fun part about the whole national debate is how much of it is based on assertions that can’t really be proven.

    “We’re less safe as a country because we’ve tortured.”
    “We could/couldn’t have gotten the information other ways.”
    “Many lives were saved because of waterboarding.”

    It’s frightening how people can latch on to whichever of these that happens to support their view and claim it as truth despite not having any idea how it would work out.

    Also frightening is that we assume there are always two choices. “Jesus would torture if it could save his mom” this author asserts. But what kind of crazy hypothetical situation can we put Jesus in where those are the only two choices?

    If I have to create a hypothetical where Jesus is in a room with a terrorist suspect, I’m going to place my money on the words “go and sin no more.”

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