Dumpster Diving for Fun & Profit

This weekend was busy: finally graduated college, hung out with frieds & family, threw out my arm playing Wii rowing, watched Celtics mop up Bulls, then watched Manny Pacquaio flatten Ricky Hatton in under 6 minutes (“I didn’t know it’d be so easy,” said Manny before leaving for hours of celebratory karaoke). 

I also spent about 5-6 hours dumpster diving around campus while all the bourgeois students moved out. Saturday the crew included my sister, father, brother, future-sister-in-law, and our friend Scott. Yesterday Kraig, Laura, Scott & I went out again where there was essentially just one full dumpster left but it was a goldmine. Cedarville has acknowledged the typical profligacy of its students and this year filled multiple truck trailers with donated stuff — but an obscene amount was still thrown out. We’ve been inspired by international hero Micah Hans Holden, who essentially does 80% of his grocery “shopping” by rooting around in dumpsters. He would’ve gone nuts if he’d seen the Cedarville dumpster piles this weekend. It’s a great hobby that I intend to keep up this summer — it’s anti-consumerist, voyeuristic, and profitable… what more could you ask?

Here’s a bit of the haul from day 2:


  Here's Scott the bum wearing some women's vests he found

“I feel like we just robbed the Dollar Store.” — Kraig ‘rubbish rat’ Cole

A partial list from both days:

  • 3 loveseats, 2 office chairs, 1 reading chair, 1 stool, 1 dresser
  • 4 books, 2 DVDs, 1 board game, 1 computer game, assorted computer parts & cables
  • 3 lamps, 2 fans, 1 air purifier
  • 1 toolskit, 1 first-aid kit, assorted medicines
  • $10.25 in cash
  • a million things of shampoo/lotion/facewash, dish soap, detergent, etc
  • lots of food: popcorn, candy, salt, sugar, chips, oatmeal, beans, tuna, pasta, rice, drink mix etc (plus plasticware & disposble plates/cups)
  • piles of clothing including jackets, dresses, shorts, and some vests (see Scott’s outfit above)
  • a moronic amount of trinkets that we’ll certainly re-trash ourselves very soon

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