Cedars Pt. II

LOL Christianity Today… (edit: Chronicle of Higher Education gets in on the action too).

More importantly… Cedars‘ letter to the campus + Ruby’s letter to the campus:

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,                

This afternoon the staff of Cedars distributed an open letter to the students, faculty, and staff regarding their decision not to publish a final issue of Cedars this Spring.  A copy of their letter is attached.  The letter expresses their disappointment with a review process that they consider excessive and unnecessarily restrictive.  We acknowledge that finding the right balance of freedom of expression is difficult, especially in the context of a community of believers who voluntarily give up some of our freedoms for the sake of our shared mission.  Finding the right balance is especially challenging for school newspapers. 

The Cedars staff correctly point out that some of the review practices put in place this semester, at the request of our Administrative Council, are different than those that had been approved in the past.   They were particularly upset that as administrators, we asked our Public Relations Office to assist in the process of reviewing the appropriateness of their articles. This has been a difficult arrangement, both for the students and for our staff in Public Relations and we recognize that it probably isn’t the most ideal approach to editorial oversight for the future.  

I regret Cedars’ decision not to publish a final issue this year, and look forward to new issues of the student newspaper in the future.  It is my understanding that the student newspaper will go through a process of reorganization and will return next year under the supervision of our new Journalism program, as planned since the approval of the journalism major.  It is also my understanding that the student newspaper probably won’t be in publication again until Spring Semester of 2010.

I want to commend the staff of Cedars for their work this year on many articles which have informed me about events on campus, sometimes pointed out our flaws and often caused me to think about what it truly means to attempt to center my life on Christ.  My desire is that we would find ways to live out the ideal of “Christ centeredness” in every aspect of our experience together, including how we handle differing opinions and how we talk to one another about important issues like those covered in Cedars.   

Allow me to close by once again expressing, on behalf of our administrative team, our appreciation for Cedars and the students, faculty, and staff who have contributed this year.  We ask for your continued grace and patience as we work together to become more like Christ and embrace the values of heaven on our campus.

 Dr. Carl Ruby

Vice President for Student Life

–>  Statement from Editors of Cedars (pdf)

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