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I feel like a stranger in a strange, strange land. Last night, this land got a little less strange as millions upon millions of Americans saw through enough Republican bullshit to elect a man who was the obvious choice all along. I almost didn’t think it’d happen, but am certainly very pleased with the results.

I’m going to resist the urge to use this space for melodramatic, overwrought purple prose (even if I feel it’s warranted) on what this election means for the history and people of these United States (not to mention the world), especially for African Americans and other minorities. If you so care, you can ask me in person about how this election has affected me, and how I was affected by the P.E.A.C.E. Project election celebration that was held tonight.

Naturally, I am still disturbed at the insane level of ignorance on this campus. Take, for example, this Facebook status from last night:
“[CU Student] wishes the Three-fifths Compromise still existed. I hope all you Obama supporters are happy with your first half-black President.”
This same student belongs to groups such as “Nuke darfur and make it a parking lot with oil pumps that go to the USA,” “I support a woman’s right to choose… what to make for dinner,” and “The Mason-Dixon Line should be a fence.”

Unsurprisingly, many students are promising to move out of the country. They will be unpleasantly shocked, no doubt, to discover upon moving that most of the rest of the world does not share their Neoconservative values. Rumor has it that some nations are so debauched and pagan they’ve even — gasp! — instituted universal healthcare.

How’s this for hypocrisy: voting for a man who is merely an associate of a man acquitted of felonies is — Republicans tell me — absolutely absurd… voting for a man who actually was convicted of felonies? Now that’s just patriotic. Well-played, Alaska.

How’s this for stupidity: re-interpreting an existing right (say, to bear arms) is — Republicans tell me — absolutely unconstitutional… actually revoking an existing right (say, to marry your same-sex partner) altogether? Now thats just patriotic. Well-played, California.

How’s this for a glimmer of hope: Massachusetts has decriminalized marijuana, as long as you have less than an ounce. These are the same people who voted for McGovern in ’72, so it’s unsurprising that they’d (still) have their heads screwed on straight.

Last comments:  McCain gave an exceptional concession speech. I continue to think that McCain is a decent man who unfortunately listened to the uglier voices in his own campaign and party. I will probably post later with a fuller explanation of why I think he lost.
Oh, and it looks like Josh A. won our extremely prestigious electoral-vote-prediction contest. Congrats.

3 thoughts on “Election Comments

  1. Ya I voted against decriminalizing maryjane.
    however, it will probably save a lot of court fees, not ruin some kids lives since it was previously a felony, and free up some jail space.
    I still got to watch out though because my blunts always have way more and an ounce.

  2. Ayers was acquitted on technicalities, for what it’s worth.

    Re: Cedarville, I was so annoyed by the pro-Bush sentiment there in 2000 that (despite voting for Bush, a huge mistake… but hey, I was ignorant back then), I was really hoping Gore would win so I could make “God voted for Gore” signs and put them up around campus.

    So I recommend some “God voted for Obama” signs. It may not be great theology, but it’s bound to piss some people off, which makes it worthwhile!

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