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Time to call it: I’m predicting 292 electoral votes for Mr. Barack. Leave your predictions in the comments. Whomever guesses closest is a communist gets some sort of prize. The prize may or may not be a personal dinner with Pres. Obama, or an Obama Candy Bar, or just bragging rights.

Also, this is amazing: Alan Greenspan has admitted that the free market sucks ass. Or something similar. I wrote in Cedars a couple weeks ago that this current economic mess should cause a crisis of faith for freewheeling free market fundamentalists. I’m glad Mr. Greenspan is a fan of my column.
“You know why the ‘invisible hand’ is invisible? Because it doesn’t exist.”

My new Cedars articles (due Oct. 30th) are uninspired, but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. One piece is a review of Illuminated World’s “The Book: New Testament”. The other is an article begging students not to vote based on complete lies: Obama is a Muslim, Obama has a fake birth certificate, Obama hates the national anthem, and so forth. I ended by suggesting they utilize sites like Political Compass to find out which candidate more closely shared their own views. All I’m looking for is one person to say “Hey I’m still voting for McCain, but thanks to you I’m no longer voting based on blatant lies about Obama.”

11 thoughts on “Make Your Predictions

  1. I saw one right wing blog that claimed Greenspan was abandoning the free market because he wanted to maintain his reputation among the liberal elite in Washington. Heh.

    I’ll have to run some numbers and make a prediction, although I’m tempted to just go with’s current projection of 348, but I’m afraid Obama might regress some still.

    Is Cedarville really that bad?

  2. They should let you save a copy of your calculated results. 349. That’s all the swing states (Ohio/Florida/PA/Colorado/Virginia/Nevada) except for Missouri and North Carolina, plus Indiana. Pretty optimistic, I know. I’m just rooting for Texas to be within 10 points.

  3. yah watever you are such a libral kevin cole if barak HUSSIEN obama is the president he will not say the pledg of allegience and he is not even a christian i cant believe you dont know that alredy!! have fun living in america- GOD”S COUNTRY when barak lets all of the people who bombed us- the moslims (his friends!) come.
    i dont know about you but i still remember 9/11

  4. While I’m sure it’s not true, anyone who doesn’t want to say the pledge of allegiance is a-ok in my book.

    America isn’t God’s country, it’s a pair of continents. Israel is God’s nation, which has very little to do with the arbitrary political entities we call countries.

    Obama isn’t Islamic, and even if he were only a very small number of the 1.4 billion Muslims in the world plan to bomb the United States, so letting them into our country is not something to be paranoid about.

    If that post came from Cedarville, I’m guessing it answers the question “Is Cedarville really that bad?”

    I’m saying 310 for Obama.

  5. Kraig: your entry into this awesome contest is void if you can’t pick just one number. Typical wishy-washy liberal.

    Bob: I had the same thoughts viz. pledge & anthem. But I can see how it’d be a problem for a politician of any standing to affirm my own anti-nationalist views.

  6. “But I can see how it’d be a problem for a politician of any standing to affirm my own anti-nationalist views.”


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