5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Tax Plans

  1. Hands down the most hilarious oversimplification of the tax plans I’ve seen yet. Honorary mention goes to the failure to mention hundreds of other hidden taxes under Barack’s plan.

    The left needs conservatives to keep working in order to pay for their programs. The reverse is not true. NONE of Barack’s plans – none – get off the ground without the redistribution of wealth. Call it patriotic, I call it the rape of hard work and a failure to identify the true liberty found in job creation stemming from employer profits fostered in a free market.

  2. After watching the debates I can’t believe it, but I actually trust more of what Obama says than McCain. Also, after all the talk bout sitting down with Vladimir Putin I thought, what if McCain dies, or even falls ill and can’t go? I know in my life 50% of my grandparents either died or got seriously ill before McCain’s age. Do I really think Putin is going to work with Palin? And if he doesn’t what are the consequences? more wars on top of the wars McCain is going to start?
    Nader here I come.

  3. “the rape of hard work”


    I could type up a whole paragraph, but Kevin’s response is so much more succinct.

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