Bigot on Wednesday, Churchgoer on Sunday

Sen. John McCain likes to depict the bigots in his party as fringe elements, a few “bad apples.” It’s become less obvious that this is so considering how widespread the nasty attacks have become.

The state of political discourse: from leaders — Rep. Westmoreland (R-GA) openly calling Obama “uppity” — to laymen (see above) the Republicans seem to feel very free to fan the flames of prejudice.

From a California GOP group:

From the Sacramento County Republican Party:

This week I attempted to refute a Cedarville student who was pushing off blatant lies as the truth.

You wish they were lies. The matter of fact is that Obama has issues with the National Anthem and the Flag both of which represent the country that he wants to lead?!?! doesnt make any sense. Obama is not the answer to the question “Who should the next President of the USA be?” We don’t need a terrorist leading our country. You responded by giving a website link. Online articles are not credible research sources, so why don’t you do some credible research yourself before you use online articles as your basis. thanks! McCain/Palin ’08.

I pointed out the obvious fact that Obama is not a terrorist and was, in fact, a brother in Christ.

such a bold statement to say Obama is a fellow believer in Christ. i believe that statement to be absolutely false. whether or not Obama actually did say those things, i still believe he is the wrong choice for President. he is only trying to earn votes by sweet talking the people of the United States. He does not have any substance behind what he is saying. He disrespects this country yet wants to lead it. Doesn’t make any sense. He is pro-choice… can you vote for a man that is pro-choice if you claim to be a Christian?!?! If he does get elected, i wouldn’t be surprised if some tried to take him down within a year of his service. Barrack Hussein Obama has many friendships with people who have participated in terrorist activities and he supports them in their endeavors. Obama is a disgrace to this country!

“If you’ve been in the dark for so long, light hurts your eyes… People get comfortable with filth.” — Dick Gregory

Obama is not the light, but truth is. It’s painful for some to confront the truth that they oppose Obama for entirely bigoted reasons. They’ve become so comfortable with their filthy prejudice that they cannot even begin to look at the issues.

Lastly, I’ll say it again: even if Obama were a Muslim, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. My own faith does not need legitimizing from the POTUS.

8 thoughts on “Bigot on Wednesday, Churchgoer on Sunday

  1. Yeah it’s gotten ridiculously crazy. I’m hoping that voting next Monday will help me relax some.

    On skepticism about Obama’s Christianity, I have nothing but contempt. Any serious attempt to stand Barack Obama and John McCain side by side and evaluate their Christian “bonafides” can’t help but go one way… Not that we’re called to engage in such nonsense, but “by their fruits you will know them.”

    Unfortunately, for many many people it all comes down to abortion. The GOP has thoroughly captured certain sectors of American Christianity with abortion rhetoric. Even though they never intend to do anything about it.

  2. I think Obama’s answer to the abortion questions during the last debate, more specifically about his answer to why he voted present, is what makes it much easier for me to vote for Obama. I think Rep. make it out that democrats are evil and like killing babies, and that video confirms my suspicions. Plus he’s hardly black… he went to Harvard.

    Oh Kevers…. I haven’t checked your blog post history but have you ever posted about how Obama technically can’t even be president, because of his fake birth certificates?
    such as this…

  3. Anyone who says Obama is a terrorist is an idiot, plain and simple. Luckily for us all, idiots are allowed to vote in this country… so I guess it’s natural for them to be involved in political discourse. It’s just sad when they’re students at an institution of ostensibly higher learning.

  4. Hi Kevin,
    I found your blog searching for images on Google! You never know what the internet might give you when you’re searching.

    I have read a number of your posts. Good stuff!

    Thanks for this one… I like what you say at the end

    “Obama is not the light, but truth is. It’s painful for some to confront the truth that they oppose Obama for entirely bigoted reasons. They’ve become so comfortable with their filthy prejudice that they cannot even begin to look at the issues.”


  5. that’s why all believers should read Greg Boyd’s book, “The Myth of a Christian Nation”. Christians are trying to bring in the kingdom (to the USA only) on their own. Totally misguided and uninformed. BTW, Obama’s “testimony” with Rick Warren was much clearer and biblical than McCain’s.

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