Don’t Blink Now

Don’t blink or you might miss this: I’m actually kind of happy right now.

I got the job with Exel (pays $11.75/hr) and I start training Monday @ 10am.

My replacement motherboard arrived and my computer is back up with almost full functionality — I lost 1/4 of my memory sticks, and my onboard ethernet port isn’t working, but that’s relatively minor.

My kitten is also OK, though he’s now a pothead.

And lastly, tonight I played in a few Sudoku tournaments with Remy. In one $2.22 tourney, there were 996 entrants and I puzzled my way to 4th place for a $232 prize. I made $33/hr.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Blink Now

  1. did you play sudoku online for money? I’ve been trying to find a good site to play online where i can make a buck, but haven’t found a decent one yet.

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