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Work saps my energy to blog. This is unfortunate. I watched Helvetica the other week which was funny because I work at a very Helvetica-esque company. Trust me… it’s hard to keep my credentials as an anarchist when I’m working as a corporate drone. Plus, not being a bum means I have to pay taxes. So far I’ve contributed $56.95 to our military, which is enough to buy nearly 200 M16 machine-gun bullets to help kill Iraqi children.

In other news, I played a $4 Minesweeper tournament on Friday. By dodging all the bombs of 179 opponents I ended up sweeping my way to 1st place for a solid $216 payday.

4 thoughts on “Donk me

  1. Competitive Minesweeper? Sounds like a gambling addiction talking.

    By the way thanks for corrupting Cedarville with your Cedars editorials. At least that’s what some new video says. Don’t worry, though, you’re just a pawn in a much larger scheme of corruption headed by Dr. Brown, who clearly agrees with you 100% on postmodernism and abortion.

    Anyway you might want to watch your back. The enemy has pirated copies of Premiere and many different pre-canned onscreen text effects, and they’re not afraid to use them!

  2. I have to admit, I was very excited to have made the cut. I don’t win much in life, so making it into a Bartholomew video is about as much EPIC WIN as I can hope for.

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