Big City Blues

Hi friends, Halfbeard the Barbarian checking in from a public library in Spokane, Washington. I arrived at a rest stop last night ~1.30am Pacific time and have essentially not slept for 36 hours (save for several cat naps when I holed up in a single-occupancy, lockable handicapped restroom to escape the cold). June 3rd I woke up in Buffalo, Wyoming and caught two rides to get to Billings, Montana where a crazy middle-aged lady coming from South Dakota (after a week of branding calves) took me all the way to Post Falls, Idaho. Montana is unbelievably huge… the Rockies are unbelievably awesome. I even drove her rickety ’94 Geo Metro (manual; 40 mpg) for a stretch. I got into Spokane around 6.30am this morning – after the obligatory run-in with state police on the highway — and was pretty overwhelmed by the city for a while. My fatigue, hunger, body odor, and 44-degree temps did not help. I got a little more oriented this afternoon thanks to the library and a helpful Spokane visitor’s center. I have to chill here til at least June 9th, then onto Seattle. I’m on the waitlist for a bed at a Catholic mission / homeless shelter; if I don’t get in (I won’t find out until 9pm) then I’ll boondock it at a local park. I wanted to kill time by seeing Wasson in Pasadena but somebody forgot to tell me that Pasadena is hella far away and a bus ticket, let alone train, is $300+ so that’s out. I owe a lot of you phone calls but will probably wait until I’m at Suz’s in Seattle and can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks again for all the encouraging txts & voicemails… and obviously, Obama ’08. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Big City Blues

  1. very nice. guess what? spokane and coeur d’alene, id is where i grew up. i spent 10 years where you are right now and went to elementary school for some time in post falls. graduated from mt. spokane high in mead (north spokane). this is so cool….keep going.

  2. Praying you got into the shelter! Glad you made it to Spokane! You have gotten to see so much–really cool! I envy your seeing the Rockies!! Hang in there…cheering you on!

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