Trampin’ tales

Hey friends, this is Kevin. I’m somehow in Chicago, having arrived last night. This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I will give a more detailed trip report later since I took pretty good notes (but failed on the photographic front).

I’ve revised the purpose & rules of this trip so many times, and am continuing to do so. I realized early on that it is impossible to mostly walk and sometimes hitch to Seattle… so I stuck with mostly hitching and sometimes walking, sticking to the country roads. I followed this plan from West Alexandria, OH (Tuesday) to Lebanon, IN (Saturday). It was a total of 112 miles, 41 of which I walked (13 on my best day). The rest was hitched on 8 different rides. 

Somewhere between Eagletown and Jolietville on Saturday, I decided that – for a lot of reasons – I should try interstate highway hitching and see if I could get to Chicago by Saturday night. In Lebanon, I spent 75-80 minutes on the on-ramp of I-65 N with a sign that said “CHICAGO (Elgin)” until a Mexican couple (with their baby) picked me up and took me straight into the city (152 miles). I walked a little more before getting 20 miles on the Chicago metro, and another 31 miles via Nate’s car before we arrived at his house in Elgin, IL. I am ridiculously happy to be here – though with 3 blisters, 2 terrible sunburns, windburn, swollen knees and aching shoulders I am in less than optimal physical condition.  I don’t know what my plans are now… but there’s a good chance I will stick to interstate hitching from now on. I think I made incredible progress getting to Lebanon, but it was absolutely brutal and still behind schedule if I were to keep that up to Seattle. I won’t explain all the rationale right now, but there are definite pros & cons to doing highway vs. backcountry hitching. It was an incredible week though, and I look forward to writing up some stories. Thanks for your prayers and the encouraging & funny (though occasionally weird) voicemails.

5 thoughts on “Trampin’ tales

  1. Cheering you on!! Congrats on arriving at your first pit stop! You can do it–only a few more states to go!
    Love and prayers

  2. Amazing! God bless the Mexican family for saving your knees a lot of pain! Can’t wait to hear more stories. You’re so freaking cool. I’ll be in Seattle in late June-July. Too bad we didn’t time that a little better!

  3. Turn back! You aren’t dead or sexually assaulted! You can do it, TURN BACK.
    glad to know I’m the only sane person left in the world.

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