Nobody Hitches Anymore

It seems every time my siblings update for me, I somehow get internet access immediately thereafter. Right now I’m stealing intarwebs in a hotel “business center” in… drumroll please… Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (!!!)

My Memorial Day was terrible… after the popo (F.T.P.) kicked me off the 90/94W on-ramp and threatened jailtime, I spent 6 hours in the sun at two truck plazas, but no rides. What I did receive:
– 1 salty balogna & mayo sandwich
– 2 cans of mixed fruit cocktail
– $20 in cash
– large fruit punch Gatorade
– advice from the first fellow hitch-hiker I’ve met on the roads
– mild sunburn
At the end of the day I went back to Token Creek park and camped in the exact same location as before. Bonus: camp showers.

Today started out much the same, spending a few hours at the T.A. before getting very discouraged and heading back to the Shell plaza where I decided to just walk up WI-51N… when at just that moment an old man named Joe offered to take me to Portage in an old white truck he’d just won in a 7-card stud poker game (straight flush over quad aces). He went a bit out of his way to drop me off at a Petro truck plaza which was swarming. Just after 4pm a woman with a black dog said I could ride with her and her daughter to Pierre, SD if I didn’t murder them… I emptied my pockets and she patted me down to be sure. But they are incredibly kind people and we drove some 6.5 hours, including stops, and am spending the night here in Sioux Falls. They’re spending the night in the hotel while I’m sleeping in their car. And hacking hotel internets in the meantime. There is obviously way more to this story, including some very interesting bits (oooh, teaser!), but it’s way past my bedtime and the pillow & blankets they plundered from the hotel for me are calling my name.

It’s true, what I’ve repeatedly heard this week: nobody hitches anymore. But those that do get treated damn good.

Badlands HERE I COME…

2 thoughts on “Nobody Hitches Anymore

  1. Dude…

    You are my hero.

    I just read Under the Overpass….loved it….can’t wait to hear ALL of your stories.

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