Look Ma, I’m makin’ friends!

Some people were apparently less than amused with my last Cedars article:

This was mailed to me on Wednesday. The unsigned note says “Do You have eany Idea how Many Good Men Died for your freedom of speech. This is how you honor Their Memory. I bet you Feel Proud.”
College-level reasoning at its best! Come on kids, $25k a year can give you the same stellar education!

4 thoughts on “Look Ma, I’m makin’ friends!

  1. Wow, son… how the hell can someone get so angry about something like that? Nice work stirring up the angry monster within Cedarville. Maybe we’re not as good a Christian university as we like to think…

  2. Hmm, I’m sad that I can’t read Cedars off-campus. And I wonder when the last time someone died for my freedom of speech was. WWII? American Revolution?? I’m not aware of anyone at the ACLU dying and they’re the only ones that seem to be interested in freedom of speech lately.

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