Almost to Rushmore

Your favorite vagabond is in a public library in Rapid City, South Dakota… no cell phone reception, but at least the intarweb tubes reach out here. I spent Wednesday in Cactus Flat, a non-town that is comprised of gentle prairie hills and no cactus. There I played with prairie dogs and probably contracted rabies from the one that nibbled on my finger. Thursday was Wall, a town that’s sprung up around the ridiculousness that is Wall Drug. This whole part of S.D. is a bizarre mix of nature wonderland & crass commercial tourist trap. The history in & around Wall Drug is fascinating, but I could do without the miles of Western kitsch. I caught a very clutch ride straight to exit 59 in Rapid City and hoofed it here to the library, in spitting distance of SD-16S which should take me to Mt. Rushmore (if I can get a lift). I will probably spend tonight & tomorrow around here, also trying to see the Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer State Park (home to the largest buffalo herd). There’s a ton to do & see in the Black Hills, but not a) without wheels b) without lots of cash. This area is beautiful though and very different from IN & OH etc. My computer time is about up… thanks for cheering me on and all your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Almost to Rushmore

  1. I have been to Wall Drug too! My family was there right before Sturgis, the huge motorcycle festival. It was CRAZY to drive back east and pass hundreds and hundreds of bikes. And very humorous to go hiking in the badlands with some of the nicest guys, all of them bikers in black leather. What an odd group! Also we saw someone’s car get sat on by a buffalo. That was awesome too. My sister, who was probably 6, thought EVERYTHING was a buffalo, but it was usually just a haystack. 🙂

  2. oh Wall Drug. I remember the exorbitant number of signs leading up to it and eating a buffalo burger of sorts. I was 12 at the time and slightly traumatized by the idea.
    LOVE the badlands!
    hope you have an awesome time!

  3. Kev: I laughed when I read your blogs but especially about Wall Drug. Having lived “out west” for 25 years I forget how odd it is compared to the civilized world surrounding the Great Lakes, etc. Too bad you didn’t get to go to Yellowstone. It is one of my favorite places to go. There’s always something different to see (especially the stupid tourists sticking their hands in boiling water). Sounds like you have plenty of material for a good book. Glad you are not “typical”—that would be SO boring. Love, Aunt Judy

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