A Young Person’s Guide to OMGWTF

Alpha Sigma hosted a used book sale this week to raise money for the org — and we earned enough extra to buy a llama, a goat, and two chickens through WorldVision. We named them Kierkegaard (llama), Nietzsche (goat), Plato and Aristotle (chickens), which is sure to thrill the 3rd world family that receives them.

I got a couple books out of the sale as well. One is titled 50 Days to Welcome Jesus to My Church: A Young Person’s Guide. On page 11, however, is a young person’s guide to something very, very different.

The verse accompanying this illustration was Matthew 6:4 “…and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” I assume they meant my Roman Catholic father.

Books are neat. You should read one. These nerds agree:

2 thoughts on “A Young Person’s Guide to OMGWTF

  1. HAAA! Oh man, I still can’t get over it. Really, the only thing I keep repeating is “Why???”

    I love that the pic made it onto your illustrious blog. 🙂 Now everyone will not only know my face….but also that if you be like Kevin, you be surrounded by women who dig books. 😉

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