High School Reunion Bingo

My high school class is having our 7 year reunion in a week. I went to a conservative Christian missionary school in the Philippines, but have not really kept up with hardly any of my classmates. Much to my surprise, it appears I’ll actually be attending this reunion. It seemed only fitting that I keep my sanity by drawing up a Reunion Bingo board to keep score on while I glad-hand my way around the room next Saturday:

Feel free to make predictions on if/where I’ll hit bingo.

6 thoughts on “High School Reunion Bingo

  1. i was gonna go with row 3 across because an FA gathering of more than 5 guarantees at least one active homosexual, but i didn’t think any homeless would show up. instead, i’ll go with 1 across or D down.
    love the new layout by the way.

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