All Your Art Are Belong To Us

I went to Oberlin’s Allen Memorial Art Museum today, ostensibly to see Chris Jordan but mostly just because I’m a nerd.

Jordan’s work is fantastic, but no photos were allowed so you’ll just have to check out his website. I’m doing a review/write-up for Cedars so I’ll post more about him then.

The rest of the museum was even better than Jordan’s exhibit. One of the best sections was for Carroll Dunham, which I actually enjoyed more than Jordan’s — but again, no photography unfortunately.

I could go shutter-happy everywhere else though, ergo obligatory art+kevin vanity shot:

I’m guessing this one’s by the same dude, but I wouldn’t know because I’m a terrible journalist and forgot to bring a notepad.

They had a great Baroque / Medieval / Renaissance collection which truly blew me away.

I took like 100 shots of this Jesus statue + painted crucifix:

This next one’s from their African room:

Plenty of other wicked cool stuff was there including 4,400 year-old wine jugs, Roman coins & busts, ornate Gilded Age trinkets, a couple Picasso’s, etc… So art + Spring weather = awesome.

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