In Belize!

Quick update from beautiful Belize… Kraig and I are in San Pedro right now, maybe moving to Caye Caulker this weekend.

We’ve mostly just been laying around, enjoying the sun & sand. Today though we got up early to go snorkeling where we swam with – and pet – nurse sharks and manta rays. We also saw moray eels and every kind of crazy fish out there — at the very end we even got a glimpse of a hammerhead shark. Hopefully our underwater camera will produce at least a couple good shots.

We’ve been eating lots of Mexican food but tonight stopped by Ali Baba’s for Middle Eastern fare — though I ate more traditionally with roasted chicken & fries.

It’s amazing being at sea level and thinking about the piles of snow and ice I left behind in Ohio. I often dream of moving to Scandinavia, but who am I kidding? I have a tropical soul, a coconut for a brain. Merry Christmas friends.

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