Brief update

Hey donks, sorry for the lack of posts. Work’s been really busy lately. I moved up in limits but got bitchslapped by variance – so had to move back down again. Probably just as well because I have to pay rent soon and can’t afford extra risks. Good news is that in a month I should have enough Frequent Player Points to get this:

Es nice, no? Very very sexy.

Book O’ Teh Week update:

  • High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.
  • American Pastoral by Philip Roth
  • What is the What by Dave Eggers (highly rec’d)
  • Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara EhrenreichI loved High Fidelity, by the way, but I think the movie absolutely blows. I’ve tried watching it three times and still think it’s awful. American Pastoral was the first book I’ve really struggled with this year. One of my most memorable reads for sure, but not one of my favorites. It’s supposedly the fifth best American novel of the last 25 years, but I just don’t see it. If you’ve read it and have an opinion I’d love to hear it. I found it a bit of a slog to be honest.

    Oh yah: the Johnsons are coming this weekend from Chicago so I’m very much looking forward to that. Maybe the Columbus juckets will visit too.

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