Hardships That Did Not Befall Me

A Partial List of Hardships That Did Not Befall Me During Childhood

An attempt to abort me in the 3rd trimester

Ritual binding up of my feet with coarse twine

An invasion of my village by raging, pillaging warriors on stallions

Weekly chloroform baths

Getting locked into my cage every night before the traditional bedtime story

Selling my sister to afford the train ride out West

Struggling to harvest my daily quota of field maggots

Eating my pet hare because the tomatoes had rotted

The removal of my teeth for purposes of jewelry construction

3 thoughts on “Hardships That Did Not Befall Me

  1. I loved the movie. Have you seen Be Here to Love Me, about Townes Van Zandt? It felt very similar to that. I think Daniel Johnston’s drawings appeal to me just as much as his music.

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