GG Solitaire

Oh noes!!1! Solitaire’s no fun when the Jh randomly changes into a second Ah. To the right is me mid-drag: note that it let me play the 2h on either Ah. DIASASTER. My gaming days are over.

  • Scary Mary Poppins Trailer, ie Mary Poppins re-cut as a horror flick.
  • Similiarly: Toy Story Requiem
  • The World’s Longest Diary aka world’s first uber-blogger.
  • Stupid Drivers – sorry I don’t have a more descriptive title, just go watch.
  • 40 Facts About Sleep You Probably Didn’t KnowAight I’m starving and need to eat, I have more chewy bloggity caramels for you later. Soon, very soon, I will present my Best Music of ’06 list for your honky-tonk-lovin’ asses.
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    1. any of you html gurus know wtf my solitaire img is screwing everything up? it’s creating a huge white margin all the way the right side.

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