Dear GM

I read in a recent Wired article that General Motors has an annual TV ad budget of $2.9 billion, second only to Proctor & Gamble (I don’t even want to think about how sick their budget must be). Aren’t these figures just digusting? The $2.9 billion excludes radio, internet, newspapers, etc — just television. That $2.9B is just such a stunning number when you think what could be done with that if GM cut out tv ads for just one year. Several organizations seems to suggest that it costs $240 to feed an impoverished child for a year: $2.9B feeds 12 million kids. This happens to be the same number of children “in need of assistance” in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, etc) according to The cost/year is $363 according to LifeLine South Africa — $2.9B still feeds 8 million children! Other sites suggest slightly different figures on the cost to feed the severely malnourished and starving… no matter how you add it up, $2,900,000,000 is a really absurd number. I have severe doubts about whether a one-year moratorium on GM ads would hurt their bottom line, especially considering the publicity boost a $2.9B charitable gift would provide. Plus they’d still have all their other advertising mediums.

Dear General Motors,
Don’t be stupid: less SUV ads, more food for dying kids. KTHXBAI.

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  1. FYI, the UN’s World Food Programme says $34 can feed a child for a year — I even read another site that put the estimate closer to $24. Insane really. I would assume WFP would be fairly accurate so it blows my mind to think what $2.9B could do.

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