Post-Adderall Binge

An Adderall binge has opened my eyes to the impracticalities of my previous two life options. I’ve scratched both in favor of the plan I’ve asininely named Life Option C. The new goal is to build a hot air balloon from scratch and stock it full of jellybeans and Calvin and Hobbes comics in preparation for a momentous trip around the world. Construction of the aerial contraption is accomplished solely using knowledge and instructions gleamed from Wikipedia. This turns out to be my undoing, as an unfortunate typo in the online encyclopedia results in a fatally flawed burner system. The whole thing is engulfed in flames somewhere over the Atlantic and I am never heard from again. There is no greater way to seal your awesomeness for all of history than by disappearing in/over a major body of water.

I hit the jackpot in Barnes & Noble tonight – it was a very productive visit. To me, visiting a bookstore is like an archaeological dig to unearth relics. I just sort of root around looking for nuggets to take home: names, places, events. I don’t so much “read” as “explore,” jotting down everything as I go along. It often leads to wonderful rabbit holes of information — much of the good stuff saved for when I get home to teh internets because that’s when it gets really good. The most actual reading I did was of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. There are actually some pretty shocking images in there. I’m reminded of a past Cedars poll in which a vast number of Cedarville students still believed global warming was a hoax.

Ok, link dump:

  • Black Friday 2006 – list of ads by store. Except for Best Buy, but you can find theirs here.
  • Flickr set: Michael Hughes’ Souvenirs – cool photos of souvenirs at the tourist site they’re from
  • Photos of people playing video games
  • The Book of Clones and Possessed Children
  • Crazy dice stacking video
  • KFC’s enormous new logo, as seen from space + time lapse construction vid
  • Terrible Paintings – “Take home some really shitty art.”
  • NewsweekDecline and Fall: Where the Republicans Went Astray
  • Why Heroes kicks Lost‘s ass
  • Christopher Stratton has three profiles of Christian artists who don’t suck, namely Sufjan Stevens, David Bazan, and Jeremy Enigk.
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