God’s gonna cut down the taserfiends

Go watch this video of a UCLA student being repeatedly tasered because he forgot his student ID while using the campus library. It’s so fucking disgusting. Good thing this doesn’t happen at Cedarville… OH WAIT why is it that I’ve already heard two stories this year of students being assaulted by Cedarville police or CUCS? Just wait until they get tasers. Violating curfew will have never been so painful. You know a recent Cedars unwittingly included a sarcastic comment of mine: “Cedarville is the safest place I’ve ever lived.” Which actually may be true, but simply because it’s the tiniest place I’ve ever lived. The fact is that the CUPD and CUCS combine to create the most oppressive police force I’ve ever encountered. I attribute it, quite simply, to small-town boredom. Anyways, search Google News if you want more details on the UCLA tasering. While we’re on the subject, here’s the LAPD brutality video if you haven’t seen it already. It’s popularity on YouTube actually led the FBI to initiate an investigation.

I hadn’t originally intended to make an all-video post but too late now: the angriest kittah vid on Google. I love this cat so much, I really want to meet him. He reminds of Trix’s cat who is a lot of fun to provoke.

Can somebody please explain the video for Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You Down — great song, baffling video. “Johnny Cash always identified with the poor and downtrodden”… so obviously we’ll make a video jammed full of millionaires? Is the complete irony totally lost on the video’s participants? The majority of those featured are probably the very same people Cash says God is gonna cut down.

Ok last but not least: Kiwi! I think this is supposed to be vaguely inspirational but to me it’s just so, so sad.

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