Kleine-Levin Syndrome etc

Wow so much good news already this week: both Kevin Federline and Donald Rumsfeld are out. They ought to team up and go on tour.

Howard Dean on Election ’06: “BOOYA!” Funny, but he’s still a donk. You know I’m not particularly happy about the Democrat pwnage, but not because I actually support the RNC. Change can just be frustrating sometimes: we’ve gotten so used to Republican Evil® and now we have to re-adjust our outrage to accomodate Democratic Evil®. To paraphrase an old philosopher, anybody wise enough to govern us wouldn’t be dumb enough to run. I mean both parties in America are virtually indistinguishable. Nothing horrific and nothing fantastic will result from the congressional shift of power. Politicians will still lie, cheat, steal, and generally do their best to ensure their upper-crust way of life is not disturbed.

  • TIME’s Best Inventions of 2006 – YouTube FTW.
  • Teh internets
  • Check out Last.fm – I signed up for this eons ago but came back this week only to discover they’ve really ramped things up and are working hard on a Web 2.0 type of service.
  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome can keep people asleep for weeks. OMG I have this. No, seriously. Speaking of my decrepit old body, my back gave out this week: buckled while I was brushing my teeth of all things and it hurt like a bitch for a few days. Less achiness today but I still don’t understand how my young spine just randomly decides to occasionally stop supporting my weight (I’m too fat, obv).
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