Lee Jones & Aristophanes

Hey you spineless archetypes of Aristophanes:
How are you, homies? My morale is plummeting along with the temperature. It’s all downhill from here til, say, April. I’m back from the long weekend in New York, and more recently, back from my post-vacation grocery shopping. Now it’s Studio 60 time.

I may post wedding pics later if mis hombres e-mail me some since I forgot my camera. It’s nice to be back in an area where gas prices hover closer to $2 than $3. But Rochester is nice and it’s got me really tempted to move up there.

This evening I finished 8th out of 961 in a $5 MTT which is good, except that I lost to a 1-outer and would’ve been 3rd in chips otherwise. Lee Jones hates me.

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