RIP Steve Irwin

You know for a couple days I’ve been trying to think about what to say about Steve Irwin and I’m coming up short. It’s like Timothy Treadwell’s death: sad and tragic but not exactly surprising. I mean Steve was filming a documentary on deadliest sea creatures and one of them killed him… what more needs to be said.

It feels like Baguio outside, though I realize this description means nothing to many of you. Still some of you know exactly what I mean and know it means more than just the temperature. This is made more exciting because I may possibly be going back to Baguio (and Manila, and Bangkok) for Christmas after 5 years away.

Just two links for now:

  • 8 lottery winners who lost their millions
  • Christian right has hijacked his faith, evangelical says – I have this book on reserve at the library (also: Rebels on the Backlot). Looking forward to reading them.
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