A Scanner Up Project Darkly

I’m online again after being off while I moved again — I’m at 26 S Main St now so stop by if you’re feeling squirrelly.

Finally caught up with all the Up Series dvds; the latest (and likely last), 49 Up, isn’t on dvd yet.

Also watched Ingmar Bergman’s Through a Glass Darkly and last night put in The Laramie Project about the Matthew Shepard murder in 1998. Really sad — one of the hardest parts was hearing the policewoman who was the first officer on the scene: “He was covered in partially dry blood and blood all over his head – the only place that he did not have any blood on his face was where he had been crying.”

Sad story, mediocre movie. IIRC, this is now the 3rd pseudo-documentary I’ve seen, along with In This World and The September Tapes, and it’s a genre that mostly just annoys me. Mocumentaries are fine by me because it’s still fiction — it’s the half/half stuff that bothers me. In each of the three movies they would’ve been 10x better if they were just “regular” documentaries. Talent and time wasted on trying something too unique.

Tonight was A Scanner Darkly which was pretty kickass. Linklater pulled a bunch of mediocre actors up to an awesome level. Highly recommended, even for Remy who wrongly thought the rotoscoped animation would suck.

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