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WSOP Main Event started today — I’m really excited for the next 9 days but obviously bummed I’m not out there. Next year, next year…

Yesterday I got to see some friends and (I mention this to make Trix jealous) hit up BW3’s for boneless wings. We rented Match Point which I hadn’t seen because I’d heard mixed things but someone’s whose opinion matters to me recommended it… and let me just say… WOW. So it’s 20 minutes too long but is excellent otherwise. At some point you realize that what you’re really watching is a classic Greek tragedy (Sophocles is even name-dropped once) — the opera soundtrack re-inforces this — and that the whole film is essentially great literature made visual. Match Point is vastly more enjoyable if you’re even vaguely familiar with tragedies and/or Shakespeare and approach the film with that mindset.

As expected, 28 Up was just really great. Most of the participants have married in the 7 years since I last hung out with them. I can’t even begin to describe how fascinating these films are. I see myself in one of the participants to such an extent that I can predict his answers to every question from the interviewer. He is me, and I know him, and I can’t put into words how eerie it is to watch myself (or the British version of a 28-year-old me in the 80’s).

I’ve uploaded a clip from the movie Songs From the Second Floor. The film is a series of short vignettes that are only loosely related — thus I don’t really need to set the scene or explain anything because I’m not pulling it out of context. It’s the key scene in the movie and I almost wrote an art thesis about just this part. Seriously one of my all-time favorite scenes from any movie. I was thinking today of other favorite movie scenes and immediately thought of “Ride of Valkyries” / helicopter scene from Apocalypse Now which is really just one of many awesome scenes in that movie. Most great movie scenes involve music so “Where Is My Mind?” at the end of Fight Club has to be on a favorites list as would the Mickey Mouse club theme song from Full Metal Jacket — can’t forget “Thus Spake Zarathustra” from 2001 either… Since I love lists maybe one day soon I will sit and come up with a real Top Ten of my personal favorite film scenes.

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